Thursday, June 26, 2008

Book Tag!

Steph tagged me a few days ago. I have been hoping I would be chosen for this tag!!

Here is what I (and whoever else I tag) have to do:Answer the questions. Link their site to mine. Tag six other people.

Who is your favorite author and why? I would have to say Lori Wick. (Is anyone surprised?) I absoutley love her books. The way she writes, the way she puts her faith in every story. I love how she always has a salvation message. The romance is the best!! I also enjoy Karen Kingsbury,Terri Blackstock and there are many more.

Who was your first favorite author and why? I really was not a big reader growing up, (shocking I know). I didn't start reading until I was sixteen. The first novel that got me into reading was by an author named Sharon Gillenwater, or something like that! I liked the way she painted the story with her words, how in every chapter, I felt like I knew the people. I felt what they felt, I saw what they saw, I cried when they cried. That is also why I fell in love with Lori Wick's books.

Who is your most recent addition to your favorite authors, and why? Man, I can't remember the author's name but when I do, I'll let you know!

If someone were to ask you right now- which author would just pop into mind? Lori Wick

I tag...




Megan (Gold Fish)



Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Skyline Boys

I mentioned yesterday that we were able to see a Southern Gospel group Saturday night. Well, tonight we were able to see Mackenzie and her family and Mackenzie was able to download these pictures from my mom's camera onto a disk. So here are some pictures of the other night! Today, my first day of my summer job, went really well. The kids are so sweet! Keep on prayin' for me!! I hope you all had a great day!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Do you remember me?

Wow! I haven't been away from my blog this much in...I don't think ever!! We made it back to my grandmother's Friday night. We were so happy to see my Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Chara there. We hadn't seen my aunt in five years, so it was real good to wrap my arms around her again!

I went with my family on their end of the year field trip. We had a lot of fun! I think the field trips are a lot more fun when I am just the sister tagging along instead of the bored student.:) I have so many pictures to download and show you all from the last few days.

BUT.....I forgot my Kodak digital camera cable to hook up to the laptop!!! And how long will I be here without being able to post pictures???Anyone??? Two months!! LOL... not really though 'cause I will be back home for my family's cook out in the beginning of July. So I can get it then and maybe I'll just buy a Kodak cable while I am here. Grrrr...

Moving right along. I was able to go to a Southern Gospel concert (more pictures I can't show off) last night. It was really good and the best part is I was able to talk to one of my favorite tenors, Jodi Hostermen for a while with Carole. He was so down to earth and funny! I even have pictures of us talking to him:( He said me and Carole are two die hard Southern Gospel fans:)

I am starting my job tomorrow! Please pray for me!! My family is staying down here for the week so I am glad about that. My mom is painting my future nieces mural in her nursery. I am actually at my brother's house right now!

I think I just covered everything I have done. So now I have updated you all. A couple of people asked me if I will be blogging during the summer, I certainly hope so!! Please try to be patient with me it may not be as frequent as usual but hopefully a little better than I did this past week:)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Home For Now.

*Huge Breath* Okay, that felt better. My mind feels like it's on a roller coaster and the carnival worker will not stop it for me and I am going around and around and around. I am shocked that I have written this much with out really thinking at all about what I have to do in less than a week.

I came home Friday afternoon. I slept the whole way home only waking up once to go into the rest stop. We went to my school's high school graduation that night. I was so happy. I was able to attend. It went just wonderful and I was so excited to be able to see all the people that I had missed so badly while I was away.

Mimi is doing so much better so it wasn't a total trial leaving. I had a blast while I was down there and always love snatching opportunities to be with my Mimi (aka one of my best friends) But it was so good to wrap my arms around my parents again! To be able to see Carole and Aaron and just know I was going home.

When Carole and I carried my suitcase up stairs and threw it on my bed it was just a welcome reunion to also throw myself on my bed and kiss my pillows. *Smile* It missed me!! So, why haven't I cleared off my bed yet and have been sleeping in Carole's for the last three nights is beyond me.:)

It was also wonderful to be back at my own church and hear all of the crazy antics and other wonderful things I have missed while being away from the Christian school. I also had some wonderful news concerning me and the school that my Pastor talked with me about last night. I will go in greater detail when it gets closer to the Fall.

In the meantime part of my not blogging has been due to having some away from the computer time to think. I have been offered a job (away from home) for the summer. Yes, I know I just got home!!! Most likely I will be leaving again at the end of this week. In less than two weeks if everything works out I will be working with my older sister, Leslie at the daycare where she works.

*Another deep breath* You see the roller coaster picture I painted for you at the beginning of this post now, huh? It's overwhelming and exciting all mixed up in one. I will ask every single bloggie buddy of mine to keep me in their prayers this summer. This is a real leap for me. One that I will do my up most best to handle with class and dignity!

Besides coming home only for a week, making it to the graduation and packing for a whole summer, *Groan* I am also helping my mom close yet another home school year with end of the year portfolios for the school system. I tell ya!

I am also trying to fit in cleaning my bedroom. If I am going to be gone for two months I want my room spic and span for when I come back to work at the school. Translation I will have no time to do any cleaning when I come home.

I now have to peel myself away from the wonderful world of the Internet and get some more things done. I apologize for waiting this long to update all of you and sometime this week if I have time, I will write more. It's just a matter of when.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Hang In There!

I have had such a busy few days it's now two in the morning. (Not kidding) I am going back home tomorrow morning. Please pray for our safety in traveling!! I appreciate you all checking in. I promise I will try to post for real soon!!! In the mean time I did publish a post I wrote on Monday so if you haven't seen it yet check it out!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Monday, June 9, 2008


On this Monday evening, I can't think of one subject I would like to write about. I went with Mimi to the Doctor's today. We sat in the waiting room for an hour and a half, talked about everything and anything under the sun. Speaking of the sun, it has been mega hot out! Apparently it's now officially summer!!! Yes, we have AC's cranking, but my body has never really agreed with the heat, so the last couple of days I have felt icky. But it's better being in the house with lots of lemonade and Popsicles and cool air blowing my way.

Yesterday I went to church. The church I grew up in. I went last week too, but the other two Sundays I stayed with my grandmother, 'cause I didn't feel comfortable leaving her alone. Anyhow, I had a great time. I was able to help in the nursery. Anyone who knows me knows that is my "comfort zone". Mrs.M, (She and her family have been family friends for as long as I can remember,) was in the nursery and invited me along. I had so much fun!

My Aunt Carol's visit came to a close this past Saturday. We had a blast visiting with her. Again I am going to point your direction over to her site. Her drawings are amazing, just like the portrait she did of me on my side bar. Also, you can click on that drawing and you will automatically go to her site. Right now you can listen to my cousin Tommy's testimony. I have written about him many times on here, and she has an awesome post about Heaven. Those are her latest posts and I totally encourage you to go on over and leave a comment. It is always an encouragement when you know someone enjoys their blog. I, enjoy any comments I get!!:) I am going to leave you with a couple of pictures...

Here's me and Aunt Carol showing off our earrings. The portrait she is holding is of my cousin Samuel when he was a baby a long time ago.:) By The way: She started it that morning!!!

Me and my two Aunts (My mom's oldest and youngest sister)

*Updated* I wrote this post two nights ago, but never posted it. I will tell you the explanation of why I never posted it, hopefully in my next post. I have been extra busy this week. Honestly haven't found time to post at all!! Except for my little cheat post last night. Again, it's late and again I have many things to do! So I will be signing off.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Happy Twenty Second Anniversary!

I cherish the treasure
The treasure of you
Lifelong companion
I give myself to you
God has enabled me
To walk with you faithfully
And cherish the treasure
The treasure of you
As I obey the Spirit's voice
And seek to do His will
I then can see the wisdom of His plan
For as He works His will in me
I then can love you selflessly
And by His grace, can pledge my love to you
This sacred vow I make to you
Does not contain an "if"
Though I'm aware that trials lie ahead
I will love you and pray with you
And through it all, I will stay with you
Our home will be a refuge of unconditional love
Words and Music by Jon Mohr
I love you, mom and dad!! You have definitely cherished the treasure through the years and have taught me so many things through your journey of love. Your marriage is such a testament to God. One day I want to be married and have a love like yours!!
Truly Blessed To Be Your Daughter,

Friday, June 6, 2008

I am so Guilty!

Yes, I admit it, I am guilty! So, why am I guilty? I'll get to it. I have an confession to make. I have a weakness, a real weakness. This weakness is bigger than buying a cute pair of shoes. It is bigger than watching my favorite TV show when I should be cleaning my room. This my friend is a problem, a real problem. I am a culprit when it comes to...eating pies!!

Now before you put the Apple Pie thief sign over my neck, hear me out. It's more or less a condition. I just can't help myself. The crust is criss crossed in such a way the already cut apple pie is uncovered on the table. The sliced juicy apples peeking out from under the pie crust is just too much for me to handle. So, carefully, I take my hand and, sloooooowly, take one apple out of the sliced piece and pop it into my mouth.

So, to set my story up, I'll give you the characters in the first scene: Me,my cousin, Kyle and Aunt Barbara.

I walked into the room saw the nice big Apple pie I had just cut and served to our company, who had just left a half hour ago. I started talking to my Aunt, who was on the recliner in the living room on her own laptop. Kyle was in the corner, playing with his DS. This my friend is called opportunity. No one is looking. This was my chance. Slowly, I turned to the pie, my eyes were glued to the appetizing apples, just calling my name. I crept a little closer and then, right when my hand had almost reached the apple, my Aunt looked up.

Man, I'm caught well...she won't say anything I thought. So I held up my finger, as if I were reprimanding one of my students from school from talking in Chapel, and said "Shhh!" She smiled and said "Your secret is safe with me!" "Wonderful, I thought! Here is my chance!" I grabbed the apple, popped into my mouth, and tried not to pay too much attention to the gaping whole I had left in the pie.

So after I left the pie alone, I went into the other room to call my family. I was chatting with my sister, Carole, having a grand ole time, when Aunt Barbara came into the bedroom, laughing hysterically. "What?" I said while still holding the phone to my ear. She proceded to tell me.

Scene two: In the Living room, Aunt Carol (my Aunt who has come to visit us for the week.) Aunt Barbara and Mimi.

Mimi goes to the table to take a piece of pie, her mug shaped blue bowl is in her left hand. (She loves this certain bowl. She likes to eat anything and everything from it.) She took the knife, and just when she was about to cut into it, she noticed something peculiar...(Hmmm....I wonder what it was? Gulp!) "Well..." She said in her sweet "Mimi" voice. "It looks like some apples are missing." (Oops) Both Aunts looked at the pie. "Well, look at that." My Aunt Barbara said (True to her word, she didn't say a thing about the culprit.) My Aunt Carol said "Well, we could cut it from the other side where it's filled with more apples." Mimi said. "Nope, I really would prefer it this way I can chew it a lot better." (Bless Her heart.)

Scene three: Back in the bedroom. I am laughing, really laughing, at the story that Aunt Barbara had just told me...

Scene Four: Repentance.

"Mimi?" "Yes?" "I need to confess." "Okay..." *Laughing yet again* "You see...well I have this weakness..." Squirming while standing in my car pajamas. "I like see..." She is looking very curious, so I spill it out. "I stole the apples from the pie!" *Cringe* "Oh, Ginger thank you so much!" "I really am going to try better next time....." Really confused face. "Huh?" "It's so much better when I have less apples in my pie." (Have I mentioned how much I love this Mimi of mine?) Guilt, there is no guilt. LOL....and I am afraid I wasn't that guilty to begin with.

I need a program..."Hi, my name is Ginger." "Hi Ginger" "And I am an apple pie thief."
The End

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Look who came to visit me!!

Isn't that the cutest face you ever did see?? My poor Devyn a bad, bad toddler beat him at daycare today. See the scratches?? Aunt Ginger is not happy!

"Doggie" He said. My little nephew said "Doggie". That or "poopie"! But it was cute whatever he said with his baby drawl.

Say cheese! What a goof ball! LOL...He is so much fun! He is becoming like his big brother, Patrick, who wasn't with us during our fun time together.:(

What a riot he was. Almost every time I took out my camera he would give me a smile!

He was really getting into the music. What a piono player, I say!! LOL..

Practicing being the song leader at church. Apparently, when Devyn is the song leader, he will be using a bright yellow stick instead of his hands.

I had so much fun with my Devyn, although can you tell this picture was taken right before he went home?? Yes, I think I am heading to bed right now.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Big Brother!!!

To my dear big brother hope you had a wonderful day!! Love you tons!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Friday afternoon I was minding my own business, playing around on my laptop, when I heard a buzzing noise. Stay with me now...It was not just any buzz noise. I knew it wasn't the fan, or my laptop (for I would think my "lappy" may be dying on me if it made that type of noise.)

But it was a very unique buzzing noise, and it was getting closer and closer, until I saw a yellow striped culprit staring into my eyes! "Well, hello there!" I said "Shall we go find some honey?" He nodded his head and I took his wing and skipped happily into the kitchen.

Yeah...would you like to hear what I really did? "WAHHHHH!!!! That's a hornet!!" I quickly left my laptop abandoned on the bed, jumped off the bed and ran into the kitchen to find Mimi. Oh... my Mimi my sweet grandmother I am suppose to be taking care of. "Mim....Mim...Mimi!!!" "Yes?" "There is a..a...a....HORNET IN OUR ROOM!!!"

She quickly came to my rescue and went into the bedroom, and to my dismay, the hornet had disguised himself into something, 'cause we couldn't find him anywhere. I was hoping my reaction to the intruder might have surprised him so much he had a heart attack and his remains would be found after I am back home.

Just to be on the safe side, I stayed out of the room for the rest of the day, until it was time for bed. I let Mimi go in first just so she could make sure it was safe...Yup she didn't see anything. So I came in with my laptop I had rescued earlier. Yup...I saw nothing either I got comfortable on the bed after I made sure no bee was ready to attack my pillow.

I'm cozy under the covers reading an, email, when all of the sudden I hear it!!! Once again I leap out of the bed as if my legs are on fire!! "Mimi!" She saw it this time. The hair spray came out while I quickly shut my laptop so the screen wouldn't get ruined and Mimi started spraying.

The hair spray didn't seem to be working. The hornet was just getting angrier and angrier. Although I started feeling a little faint. "Umm...*cough* this bee is one tough cookie!" I am now getting annoyed this bee was so stubborn! I walk out of the room huffing and puffing, looking around the house for something I can catch the bee with. I walked by our room and Mimi had put down the spray and started whacking aimlessly with a broom.

It was getting later and later and we finally decided it was time to end the bee ambush and just move into another room for the night. So, I grabbed my movies my laptop, my purse in my pajamas, mind you, I go stomping off through the kitchen, stop at the living room door, said to my aunt. "We are moving out!" Went into the other bedroom and eventually fell asleep.

Right now, I still have no idea if the bee is still around. I am hoping with all my heart that it has died! I mean who can live with all that hair spray in their lungs??