Friday, June 6, 2008

I am so Guilty!

Yes, I admit it, I am guilty! So, why am I guilty? I'll get to it. I have an confession to make. I have a weakness, a real weakness. This weakness is bigger than buying a cute pair of shoes. It is bigger than watching my favorite TV show when I should be cleaning my room. This my friend is a problem, a real problem. I am a culprit when it comes to...eating pies!!

Now before you put the Apple Pie thief sign over my neck, hear me out. It's more or less a condition. I just can't help myself. The crust is criss crossed in such a way the already cut apple pie is uncovered on the table. The sliced juicy apples peeking out from under the pie crust is just too much for me to handle. So, carefully, I take my hand and, sloooooowly, take one apple out of the sliced piece and pop it into my mouth.

So, to set my story up, I'll give you the characters in the first scene: Me,my cousin, Kyle and Aunt Barbara.

I walked into the room saw the nice big Apple pie I had just cut and served to our company, who had just left a half hour ago. I started talking to my Aunt, who was on the recliner in the living room on her own laptop. Kyle was in the corner, playing with his DS. This my friend is called opportunity. No one is looking. This was my chance. Slowly, I turned to the pie, my eyes were glued to the appetizing apples, just calling my name. I crept a little closer and then, right when my hand had almost reached the apple, my Aunt looked up.

Man, I'm caught well...she won't say anything I thought. So I held up my finger, as if I were reprimanding one of my students from school from talking in Chapel, and said "Shhh!" She smiled and said "Your secret is safe with me!" "Wonderful, I thought! Here is my chance!" I grabbed the apple, popped into my mouth, and tried not to pay too much attention to the gaping whole I had left in the pie.

So after I left the pie alone, I went into the other room to call my family. I was chatting with my sister, Carole, having a grand ole time, when Aunt Barbara came into the bedroom, laughing hysterically. "What?" I said while still holding the phone to my ear. She proceded to tell me.

Scene two: In the Living room, Aunt Carol (my Aunt who has come to visit us for the week.) Aunt Barbara and Mimi.

Mimi goes to the table to take a piece of pie, her mug shaped blue bowl is in her left hand. (She loves this certain bowl. She likes to eat anything and everything from it.) She took the knife, and just when she was about to cut into it, she noticed something peculiar...(Hmmm....I wonder what it was? Gulp!) "Well..." She said in her sweet "Mimi" voice. "It looks like some apples are missing." (Oops) Both Aunts looked at the pie. "Well, look at that." My Aunt Barbara said (True to her word, she didn't say a thing about the culprit.) My Aunt Carol said "Well, we could cut it from the other side where it's filled with more apples." Mimi said. "Nope, I really would prefer it this way I can chew it a lot better." (Bless Her heart.)

Scene three: Back in the bedroom. I am laughing, really laughing, at the story that Aunt Barbara had just told me...

Scene Four: Repentance.

"Mimi?" "Yes?" "I need to confess." "Okay..." *Laughing yet again* "You see...well I have this weakness..." Squirming while standing in my car pajamas. "I like see..." She is looking very curious, so I spill it out. "I stole the apples from the pie!" *Cringe* "Oh, Ginger thank you so much!" "I really am going to try better next time....." Really confused face. "Huh?" "It's so much better when I have less apples in my pie." (Have I mentioned how much I love this Mimi of mine?) Guilt, there is no guilt. LOL....and I am afraid I wasn't that guilty to begin with.

I need a program..."Hi, my name is Ginger." "Hi Ginger" "And I am an apple pie thief."
The End


haert2home said...

Only Mimi could see the positive side of an apple pie with hardly any apples!

It sounds like you're having a lot of fun. Glad to hear that Mimi is on the mend.

mrs. h.

Bethan Louise said...

This made me laugh out loud!!!!

Megan said...

Wow, Ginger...I will think of you next time I eat an apple pie!

Stepheny Weaver said...

Ooo, that looked yummy! I will save you a peice of pie next time, and send it in the mail LOL:)!


Anonymous said...

LOL!! I love apple pie too--my favorite!!