Monday, June 16, 2008

Home For Now.

*Huge Breath* Okay, that felt better. My mind feels like it's on a roller coaster and the carnival worker will not stop it for me and I am going around and around and around. I am shocked that I have written this much with out really thinking at all about what I have to do in less than a week.

I came home Friday afternoon. I slept the whole way home only waking up once to go into the rest stop. We went to my school's high school graduation that night. I was so happy. I was able to attend. It went just wonderful and I was so excited to be able to see all the people that I had missed so badly while I was away.

Mimi is doing so much better so it wasn't a total trial leaving. I had a blast while I was down there and always love snatching opportunities to be with my Mimi (aka one of my best friends) But it was so good to wrap my arms around my parents again! To be able to see Carole and Aaron and just know I was going home.

When Carole and I carried my suitcase up stairs and threw it on my bed it was just a welcome reunion to also throw myself on my bed and kiss my pillows. *Smile* It missed me!! So, why haven't I cleared off my bed yet and have been sleeping in Carole's for the last three nights is beyond me.:)

It was also wonderful to be back at my own church and hear all of the crazy antics and other wonderful things I have missed while being away from the Christian school. I also had some wonderful news concerning me and the school that my Pastor talked with me about last night. I will go in greater detail when it gets closer to the Fall.

In the meantime part of my not blogging has been due to having some away from the computer time to think. I have been offered a job (away from home) for the summer. Yes, I know I just got home!!! Most likely I will be leaving again at the end of this week. In less than two weeks if everything works out I will be working with my older sister, Leslie at the daycare where she works.

*Another deep breath* You see the roller coaster picture I painted for you at the beginning of this post now, huh? It's overwhelming and exciting all mixed up in one. I will ask every single bloggie buddy of mine to keep me in their prayers this summer. This is a real leap for me. One that I will do my up most best to handle with class and dignity!

Besides coming home only for a week, making it to the graduation and packing for a whole summer, *Groan* I am also helping my mom close yet another home school year with end of the year portfolios for the school system. I tell ya!

I am also trying to fit in cleaning my bedroom. If I am going to be gone for two months I want my room spic and span for when I come back to work at the school. Translation I will have no time to do any cleaning when I come home.

I now have to peel myself away from the wonderful world of the Internet and get some more things done. I apologize for waiting this long to update all of you and sometime this week if I have time, I will write more. It's just a matter of when.


Tiffany said...

Wow you are busy girl! Good luck with the summer job!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're staying busy!! Isn't it nice to be HOME?! Will you be able to still blog??

I'm glad you're finally back with an update! ;)


Jodi said...

Sounds like you are staying busy this summer !! :) Will you still blog?? We would miss you! :)


Anonymous said...