Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy Birthday,MOM!!!!!!

LOL.....we do have more recent photos but I have to find one that we both like of each other! Love you mom!!! Your the bestest mom in the world!!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bargains and the Waltons....

Today we went shopping. I found some great bargains! Including this sweatshirt I am wearing in this picture. Four dollars at Kmart!!

Also....our local Christian book store is going out of business!! *SOB* Yes, I am very sad about this!!! But, I did find some great buys. Including Song Of Silas by Lori Wick for four dollars.(I already have the book, but I will find something to do with it!) Two Southern Gospel Cd's for two dollars each. One is Faces by Greater Vision I also have this CD but I know I will find someone who would like it:) The other is a quartet compilation CD.

Now, you maybe thinking to yourself...GREAT BARGAINS!! But what in the world are you talking about in your title when you said .....and the Waltons. LOL...Me and my sister Carole have been getting into the old television series The Waltons. We have the fifth season and have been watching the different episodes for the past week.
Carole has all but fallen in love with John Boy. And me well...I have discovered something. I have a talent when it comes to imitating Curt (Mary-Ellen's husband) You just talk through your nose and have a no non sense kind of attitude and you are a shoe in! "Take it easy!"...LOL that is just one of many phrases I can do!!

Well, I hope you enjoyed all my bargains and my new discovery!! LOL Have a great Sunday tomorrow!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Check out my Xanga!

New post, everyone!! Please check it out and comment. I would love to know how you all like it!!!

Well, whatdaya know!

I was right! I so diligently got my outfit picked out and ironed, made my lunch, didn't exactly get to bed early but that doesn't count. What happens?? It snowed! Yup...a snow day a few days before the first day of April.

Oh well, I did enjoy sleeping in a little, having a nice bowl of Peanut Butter Crunch and then getting my laptop and surfing randomly on the net. I now just finished the lunch I'd packed for myself and just polished off a fresh tangerine.Mmmmm...that was quite refreshing.

If I don't directly look out the window and forget that I have my slippers on and could use some gloves, I can almost smell the flowers...see the sun shinning...feel the cool waters on my toes. Wait a minute that's ice. Oh man!!! Now I have frost bite! Oh wait, I am still in my kitchen with my slippers. Phew!

Okay, so on to more important, exciting news. I know you all can't stand the suspense! Remember a couple of days ago I posted a contest that was on Morgan Denise's blog?? Guess what??? I was one of two, who won!! Yup...isn't that cool!! Thank you again, Morgan Denise!!

My mom is still sounding like a trained seal, the poor thing. So I need to cheer her up by watching a movie with her. Yes, I know what you are thinking, what a wonderful daughter she is holding off on cleaning her room on her snow day to watch a movie with her ailing mother. Yup...well that's just the kind of girl I am. *Smirk*

So, I will end for now...hope everyone has a wonderful afternoon!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Oh Me Oh My!

*A really big hardy sigh* I am sitting on a corner of my bed. Yes, just a corner I have...well, let me just look here...DVD's galore my purty gold purse, my latest novel I am reading (You can see it on my book shelf Sabrina by Lori Wick) great book by the way....ummm a laptop sister's make up case. Why is it in my room, you may ask? I will never know. Oh, and about a hundred other knick knacks that greet me with their messy presence around this scary bedroom of mine.

Why haven't I buckled down and gotten this room back in some decency, you may be thinking to yourself...well my answer is...ummm...please don't tell the whole see I'm lazy. made me say it. I am just plain lazy!LOL...and extremely busy with my life!

In other news, my mom is not feeling the best. She is right down under the weather. She sounds like a seal when she coughs. That was totally a sentence of endearment, mom!! Really...eek...Anyhow....(Clear of the throat) So being the lovely daughter that I am, I volunteered to stay home with her while the others went to church.

So, I talked to my Mimi on the phone, actually picked out and ironed my clothes for tomorrow before dinner, (Huge breaking point in my life) also...I packed my lunch before ten o clock at night,another milestone. Now, I just know because I accomplished all of this, that I am going to have a phone call that school has been cancelled on account of snow, tomorrow morning. I just know it!

Well, trying to balance my laptop on one knee while trying to balance the rest of my body on a tiny bit of mattress has proven to be very difficult. So I guess I will end this darling of a post until another time!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We Have A Car!!

A couple a days ago I asked all of you to pray for my family's car situation. Well, that night a man from church called my dad and let him know he has a car for us!! FREE OF CHARGE!!

Now we are still praying for a van. For we don't know how long this car will last. For the time being this car will do! I am so thankful that God provided like he always does!!!

Thank you all for praying!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mrs.H!!!

Mrs.H had been my kindergarten teacher. And shes Mackenzie's mom! Hope you have a wonderful day!!

A First Day Of Spring Contest!!!

Go over to Morgan Denise's blog. She is holding a First Day Of Spring contest. It ends this Thursday. So go on over and ENTER!!!! I have many

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Sunday Pictures!!

Easter Sunday was a lovely, chilly lots of snow on the ground, fun event. We ate a dinner prepared by lots of different people from the church (Including my mom) right after the morning service. We were able to go Easter shopping the day before, and to church yesterday because the Pastor lent us one of his cars for the weekend.

Here is Carole and Aaron posing for a picture.Doesn't Aaron look happy? lol....
Here is the one and the only me, wearing my floppy Easter hat. Every store that we went to on Saturady, I was on the look out for a floppy hat. I had it planted in my mind that I was going to wear a floppy white hat. And what do ya know? I found one!!
Well, I guess Carole had to see how she looked in my floppy hat! I think she looks pretty good!!:)
Twirling is so much fun even when you are twenty. If I have a twirly dress I can't help but see the fabric swish!
Well, we had to have some fun posing and taking pictures while we waited for our friend Rosie's family come and pick her up, after her two week stay at our house.
Me and my little sister Carole.:)

Please Pray...

Yes, once again I am afraid, after such a short amount of time, we have no car. Our van, the one we bought just five months ago, has died! I hadn't seen that one coming. I thought the mechanic would be able to fix it. Apparently I was mistaken. We need a new vehicle. So I'm asking all of my bloggie friends to keep my car-less family in their prayers. A car is a necessity of life.
Something you really can't live without.

*A specific thing to pray for is that some how, some way we will get a brand new car or relatively close to brand new car. We just want a vehicle that we won't have to take to the mechanic every month or week or day....

I will be posting some Easter pictures some time today. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

Thank you for your prayers!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

LOL...Just call me a blonde!!

I just jumped over to Tiffany's site to refresh my memory on what I was tagged about. It was the same thing that Anna Joy tagged me about a few days ago, which I accomplished last night. So I wanted to thank Tiffany for tagging me as well as Anna Joy. I always feel so special when someone thinks of tagging me! It's an honor, truly it is!!

Also, check out my newest project...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

One tag down, one to go

Okay I've had two bloggers tag me this past week. I haven't done either one of them, although it has been on my mind all week. I am going to do Anna Joy's first. Name eight unique things about me!

1. I hate spiders. Creepy crawly spiders that every breathing moment of their lives are determined to torment me.

2. I have this horriable habit. When I am over tired, I chatter. I can't stop talking until my head hits the pillow and I am gone.

3.If I am reading a good book you will hardly ever see me without it.

4.Let me just interupt this tag for a moment to let you know that I am really slap happy! I mean I really am slap happy and it's only eight fifty six!

5. I love my laptop. It is so cool!

6. Tired....very...very tired!! I love working at the school, but I am tired!

7. I can eat a lemon with out doing the cool sour looking face.

8. Wow, I am already on my last one I am sorry if I sorda, kinda cheated. But I am so tired. I think I am driving my mother up a wall. She is on the phone and I am rambling...rambling...still rambling...Okay...I have to stop before I burst!!
I tag...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I feel Like I Belong On The Little House On The Prarie...

Well, here are some pictures Carole took of me this afternoon. I wanted some new pictures of myself for my new and improved blog. So she gave me plenty to choose from. Tell me what you think of them. I thought they turned out pretty okay.

Of course, I needed one last picture of my photographer. Here is the one and the only, beautiful Carole!!

Have I been forgotten??

I would totally understand if I have been completely forgotten. I haven't posted much since I got home from my grandmother's. This month has proved itself very busy for me. Easter is this Sunday. Can you believe it? I am hoping that our car ( problems again!! Please pray that whatever is wrong with it will be fixed soon.) will be able to work this weekend so we can get Easter clothes.

I know it would not be the end of the world if I didn't have new Easter clothes since I haven't gotten a new dress for Easter in a while, anyhow. But I really want to buy one this year. Although, no car no church, so I guess I really won't have to worry!

Since I have been not blogging I have lots to catch up on. I didn't forget, but it's on my mind that I never posted a birthday greeting to my big sister, almost a week ago. I also have two tags I haven't completed and if I think real hard I know there must be other things I should have blogged about.

So don't give up on me. I am going to try my best to get back in the swing of things starting today.

Monday, March 17, 2008

A Quilt Give Away!!

ENTER!!! has a beautiful quilt and other neat prizes she is giving away. If you post this contest on your blog you get five enteries!! Do it today!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Hello my name is Ginger and I am a grump. So I said it, okay?? But , to totally and completely throw my grumpiness on someone else, I will say this...It's not my fault! It's everyone else's!!! I am so extremely tired that it's not funny.

Let me just rewind back to Monday night...My vacation with Mimi was over, I had a wonderful time. I grudgingly packed my suitcases and am now in the van. (Or I was, remember I rewound) Anywho...we got to the state I live in and then it all went downhill....traffic had stopped no one had to go to the bathroom. But traffic had stopped. Horns were beeping...beeping...beeping.... (Mrs.M, I started thinking we were back at Wendy's, the timer going off beep ...beep....beep.)

Yes, I was getting annoyed. So even though no one had to go to the bathroom we pulled into the rest area because the traffic had stopped. Did I mention that already? So, we piled into the rest area and went to the bathroom, anyhow. We then looked around the tourist area with all the many different fliers to all the places I'd rather not go or have gone too and could tell you why you shouldn't go. Then we went back to the van to sit and wait for the traffic to move!

I looked at the clock. Twelve o clock and it's not noon time! *Moan* I have to get up in six hours!! Me and Dad were the only ones trying to take a nap .Oh, and Aaron too...But my mom was discussing graduation plans with Carole. Carole was trying to read a magazine with our good friend RoseMary who is with us for the week. I was trying to explain that I needed to go to sleep. Carole's graduation is in 09 not 08 and the girls need to take the flash light off my aching eyes!

My dad announced that he was going to the vending machine building to get a water. Since I was getting NO sleep at all I joined him. Only to walk in with a guy looking lost and trying to fool around with a five dollar bill with tape on it in his hand. "Excuse me sir?" "Ya?" My dad said as I roamed the small area trying to decide if I wanted normal lemon ade or pink lemon ade. "Do you have change for a five?" "Nope, Sorry!" THEN...we had to hear a whole explanation on why the guy only has a five dollar bill. If he went on any longer, I was going to beg dad to give him a dollar!

I put the one dollar bill that dad did not give to the guy, who magically found a dollar bill in an envelope he had FILLED with money, into the machine. I pressed the combination for the normal lemonade and nothing happened. I then realized it's 1.75. I started ranting and raving that this economy stinks and is trying rob every American in America. When the five dollar guy left...I guess he knew dad was not going to give him seventy five cents since his own daughter was having a mini heart attack about it.

So we went back to the car with no drinks. Honking was still in the air. I was getting really tired. I needed sleep. I started refusing to look at the evil clock that kept on getting later and later. FINALLY, the traffic started to move, the honking started to stop and our car moved!!! YAY!! I then put in my mp3 player and tried my best to fall asleep.

I did well for a while until we hit a pothole and Carole also woke up and insisted that our car was tipping over. Okay, so we were all just a tad bit tired and sleep deprived. We lugged my luggage to the house and then after I stumbled in, half asleep, I got my pj's on put my suitcase on the floor. (Where it still sits) When I finally got into my bed I put my alarm on set it for three hours later and then fell asleep.

Three hours later I woke dressed went to school, came back home....and now we are back in the present. I am still a little bit sleep deprived but today I get to relax, tomorrow I don't. :(

Okay...I hope my grouchiness hasn't worn off on any of you!

Monday, March 10, 2008


*Sniffle* This marks my last night at Mimi's house for this particular vacation. I am heading back home some time tomorrow. Please pray for us as we travel.

I went to church this morning. It went really well. I am afraid I was distracted many times, for I had to rummage through my purse to find a tissue. Ahhh yes! I have a cold. After I came home from morning service, I had lunch and fell asleep. I hardly ever sleep in the day!!
I didn't end up going to evening service tonight. I felt too lousy.

Although I am feeling more like myself than I did this morning.

I am eating a hamburger and some mac and cheese that my Mimi made for me. It's really good but I am getting full. The Cosby show is on as I type this post and once in a while I watch it and get distracted and forget why this laptop is on.:)

I have very good news. I was able to go to this Christian book store yesterday. I found a lot of great deals and bought a lot of novels. The latest Lori Wick book, Sabrina, and two Terri Blackstock books and a Karen Kingsbury novel. I also found some great Cd's.

So now this coming week, I will be heading back to school. I have missed all the kids so much!! But, for the last two weeks I have had such a great time and I am so happy at all I was able to do in only fourteen days.

Well, now I have to do my least faviorte thing, pack!! Yuck!! I almost have it all done, though it's just that I HATE doing it!

Anyhow, this post has taken me a long while to write. I know it's not all that intriguing, but I had to stop and talk on the phone for a while, so it's been waiting for me to publish for a few hours now.

*Sigh* I just thought about my packing again. *Sob* I hate packing.
Okay....I need to get off!

Friday, March 7, 2008

It's a......

Yesterday I had the privilege to accompany my sister in law ,Liz, my brother, Stephen and Liz's sister to the Doctors office to find out if I was going to have another nephew or a niece.

My heart was racing with anticipation as every day went by, thinking just a few more days until I will be able to find out what this sweet child will be.

So yesterday morning I woke up bright and and early, got ready, and soon enough my brother pulled into the driveway. Liz was just radiant as she came out of the car and met me at the door.

I knew this was a day we all would remember.

The Doctor's office was just like any other. The smell of sanitary soap filled my nostrils as I found a seat in front of a very large window. The sun shone in brightly as Stephen and Nina (Liz's sister) squinted their eyes, while I contemplated taking Stephen's sunglasses off his head and putting them on.

Liz was signing in as my legs moved about and my hands fluttered to my purse which was on my lap. "Can't this move any faster!" I thought "I am dying of anticipation." Stephen eventually closed the shade so we could actually see as Liz came back and sat next to me.

Not too long after, her name was called....Smiles erupted as we all stood up. Of course it was short lived, because the nurse told us it would be a minute while they got Liz ready for the ultrasound. So again we sat back down.

Only a little time passed when we were all told we could go in. Machinery galore filled the room as Liz laid on the table with the smile still on her face. Finally the Doctor came in. Before I knew it I saw this small baby appear on the screen.

Oh, man what a moment! That was my niece or nephew. I could see the foot and heard the heart beat. My own heart fluttered as I saw Liz's smile and Stephen's eyes get big and proud. That was my niece or nephew.

And then....what we all had been waiting for. The doctor very casually announced, "It's a girl!!"

"Pigtails!!" Liz said as I laughed and Stephen hugged me. What a moment, what a day, what a girl!!!

Yay!!!! My very first niece is due on the twenty fifth of July hopefully she will wait until the twenty eighth. My birthday!

I hope you all enjoyed this very special will follow sometime in July!:)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My New Haircut!!!

This is before the cut. Do I loook nervous??


and..... Here is the new look.

So what do you think??

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Story of my life

*Sob* I finished my Terri Blackstock, "Shadow of a Doubt" novel last night. This sad announcement means I am novel less for the rest of my vacation. *Whimper..whimper* (Deep breath) Okay I am trying to control the emotions that are wracking my being. It's hard, but I am doing the best I can.

In other news, I am going grocery shopping tonight. Nothing can compare to a list in my hand, trying to read my own writing. Does that say... "Chicken feed?" or "Ice Cream?" *Smile*

I am sorry, but I have no new pictures to grace this post with today. If I did, I would show them to you. But instead you can just cry with me that I have no novel to read.

I can't believe it's already Tuesday again!! My second week here is flying by!! I enjoyed a lovely lunch with Mimi today I had fried chicken with mashed potatoes. It was really good. (Especially because normally, chicken is not my thing.)

Okie dokie, it's time for me to end.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hi there!

Wow! What a week I have had! It's been busy and tiring, but I have had loads of fun. I was supposed to go back home today but there was a big snow storm there, so my one week vacation has turned to two weeks. Although I am going to miss a week of school, I am excited about an extra week with Mimi and everyone else.

I have had the joy of spending some time with my cousins, Jillian and Isabelle. We went shopping with them the other night, and that was quite an adventure!!

Isabelle, being four, is filled with so much energy and there was never a dull moment.

I was able to spend the day on Friday with my sister, Leslie, helping her with the daycare she works at. It was so much fun spending time with her and my littlest nephew Devyn. I am probably going to be able to go back to the daycare before this week is up.

This morning I went to church with friends of the family. It was fun to see the children's Sunday school class sing a song. It was so cute!! I am going back tonight for evening service.

Well, I am hoping I will have time to put some pictures on this post before I have to get ready to leave. I also will try my up most best to update again tomorrow.