Thursday, March 27, 2008

Oh Me Oh My!

*A really big hardy sigh* I am sitting on a corner of my bed. Yes, just a corner I have...well, let me just look here...DVD's galore my purty gold purse, my latest novel I am reading (You can see it on my book shelf Sabrina by Lori Wick) great book by the way....ummm a laptop sister's make up case. Why is it in my room, you may ask? I will never know. Oh, and about a hundred other knick knacks that greet me with their messy presence around this scary bedroom of mine.

Why haven't I buckled down and gotten this room back in some decency, you may be thinking to yourself...well my answer is...ummm...please don't tell the whole see I'm lazy. made me say it. I am just plain lazy!LOL...and extremely busy with my life!

In other news, my mom is not feeling the best. She is right down under the weather. She sounds like a seal when she coughs. That was totally a sentence of endearment, mom!! Really...eek...Anyhow....(Clear of the throat) So being the lovely daughter that I am, I volunteered to stay home with her while the others went to church.

So, I talked to my Mimi on the phone, actually picked out and ironed my clothes for tomorrow before dinner, (Huge breaking point in my life) also...I packed my lunch before ten o clock at night,another milestone. Now, I just know because I accomplished all of this, that I am going to have a phone call that school has been cancelled on account of snow, tomorrow morning. I just know it!

Well, trying to balance my laptop on one knee while trying to balance the rest of my body on a tiny bit of mattress has proven to be very difficult. So I guess I will end this darling of a post until another time!!

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Megan said...

Hi Ginger,
Thank you so much for commenting on my blog! Yes, the weather here is very Spring like! Thanks for the offer, but no, I think I'll keep my green trees and you can keep your snow:)
I know what you mean about messy rooms! Sometimes my desk gets so piled up with stuff it's not even funny. But, the joy of a clean room is definitely worth the trouble!!:)