Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Hello my name is Ginger and I am a grump. So I said it, okay?? But , to totally and completely throw my grumpiness on someone else, I will say this...It's not my fault! It's everyone else's!!! I am so extremely tired that it's not funny.

Let me just rewind back to Monday night...My vacation with Mimi was over, I had a wonderful time. I grudgingly packed my suitcases and am now in the van. (Or I was, remember I rewound) Anywho...we got to the state I live in and then it all went downhill....traffic had stopped no one had to go to the bathroom. But traffic had stopped. Horns were beeping...beeping...beeping.... (Mrs.M, I started thinking we were back at Wendy's, the timer going off beep ...beep....beep.)

Yes, I was getting annoyed. So even though no one had to go to the bathroom we pulled into the rest area because the traffic had stopped. Did I mention that already? So, we piled into the rest area and went to the bathroom, anyhow. We then looked around the tourist area with all the many different fliers to all the places I'd rather not go or have gone too and could tell you why you shouldn't go. Then we went back to the van to sit and wait for the traffic to move!

I looked at the clock. Twelve o clock and it's not noon time! *Moan* I have to get up in six hours!! Me and Dad were the only ones trying to take a nap .Oh, and Aaron too...But my mom was discussing graduation plans with Carole. Carole was trying to read a magazine with our good friend RoseMary who is with us for the week. I was trying to explain that I needed to go to sleep. Carole's graduation is in 09 not 08 and the girls need to take the flash light off my aching eyes!

My dad announced that he was going to the vending machine building to get a water. Since I was getting NO sleep at all I joined him. Only to walk in with a guy looking lost and trying to fool around with a five dollar bill with tape on it in his hand. "Excuse me sir?" "Ya?" My dad said as I roamed the small area trying to decide if I wanted normal lemon ade or pink lemon ade. "Do you have change for a five?" "Nope, Sorry!" THEN...we had to hear a whole explanation on why the guy only has a five dollar bill. If he went on any longer, I was going to beg dad to give him a dollar!

I put the one dollar bill that dad did not give to the guy, who magically found a dollar bill in an envelope he had FILLED with money, into the machine. I pressed the combination for the normal lemonade and nothing happened. I then realized it's 1.75. I started ranting and raving that this economy stinks and is trying rob every American in America. When the five dollar guy left...I guess he knew dad was not going to give him seventy five cents since his own daughter was having a mini heart attack about it.

So we went back to the car with no drinks. Honking was still in the air. I was getting really tired. I needed sleep. I started refusing to look at the evil clock that kept on getting later and later. FINALLY, the traffic started to move, the honking started to stop and our car moved!!! YAY!! I then put in my mp3 player and tried my best to fall asleep.

I did well for a while until we hit a pothole and Carole also woke up and insisted that our car was tipping over. Okay, so we were all just a tad bit tired and sleep deprived. We lugged my luggage to the house and then after I stumbled in, half asleep, I got my pj's on put my suitcase on the floor. (Where it still sits) When I finally got into my bed I put my alarm on set it for three hours later and then fell asleep.

Three hours later I woke dressed went to school, came back home....and now we are back in the present. I am still a little bit sleep deprived but today I get to relax, tomorrow I don't. :(

Okay...I hope my grouchiness hasn't worn off on any of you!


Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

The failed to tell us just why there was traffic!!! DON'T LEAVE US HANGING!!

Notebooks said...

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Morgan said...

I hate "bah humbug" days, but I guess they come to all of us. :hug: I hope you're having a better day today! Sometimes traveling really stinks. I'm glad that you had such a great time on vacation. Looking forward to the next blog post...

Anonymous said...

Hey, you know who the $5.00 bill guy reminds me of. I can just hear the explanation..did he sound like him too?! I'm annoyed just thinking about it.

Aunt Barb