Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bargains and the Waltons....

Today we went shopping. I found some great bargains! Including this sweatshirt I am wearing in this picture. Four dollars at Kmart!!

Also....our local Christian book store is going out of business!! *SOB* Yes, I am very sad about this!!! But, I did find some great buys. Including Song Of Silas by Lori Wick for four dollars.(I already have the book, but I will find something to do with it!) Two Southern Gospel Cd's for two dollars each. One is Faces by Greater Vision I also have this CD but I know I will find someone who would like it:) The other is a quartet compilation CD.

Now, you maybe thinking to yourself...GREAT BARGAINS!! But what in the world are you talking about in your title when you said .....and the Waltons. LOL...Me and my sister Carole have been getting into the old television series The Waltons. We have the fifth season and have been watching the different episodes for the past week.
Carole has all but fallen in love with John Boy. And me well...I have discovered something. I have a talent when it comes to imitating Curt (Mary-Ellen's husband) You just talk through your nose and have a no non sense kind of attitude and you are a shoe in! "Take it easy!"...LOL that is just one of many phrases I can do!!

Well, I hope you enjoyed all my bargains and my new discovery!! LOL Have a great Sunday tomorrow!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Looks like you got some good bargins! Cute picture of you and cute shirt too!!


Sis. Julie said...

We love the Waltons!! Sounds like you got some really awesome deals too. You ought to have a contest on your blog to give those things you bought away since they are duplicates. Unless you are going to save them as gifts for birthdays and such. Either way....I know the Lord will direct you what to do with your new treasures!

Morgan said...

Good deals are always so much fun!! Cute picture of you and your new shirt, and I love anything having to do with Winnie the Pooh. :)

Goldfish said...

Trisha loves Lori Wick books as well. She got me hooked on them too. :) Good job with the bargains! Always fun to find.