Friday, August 29, 2008

My first day of school picture!

I am holding "Our class pet" Peanuts. Every weekend one of my students will be able to host him at their house. This was minutes before I left for my first day of teaching! Oh, and a quick thank you to Mackenzie for doing my new cool header!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Still working on it....

I am trying to change my outlook of my blog but I am rushing off to church right this moment so please hang in there with my lack of matching between the template and my header! LOL

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First day of school part one

"BEEEEEEEP." *Twisting...Turning* "Where is that annoying sound coming from?" "Gin..Gin!" *Eyes open widely* "School? It's today, my first day of teaching!" Jumping up quickly, turning off my alarm and stumbling into the bathroom. "Today is the day!"

I think yesterday was more exciting than starting my first day of kindergarten long ago because instead of being a student that day marked the day I became a teacher. Of course, if I didn't know better, I would think I was going back into time as kindergartner. "Ginger! Do you have everything? Is lunch being provided? Oh look at that skirt...look over here, honey *snap* *snap* smile now! Oh...oh...oh hold that pose *Snap* *Snap* (A huge roll of my eyes. I am afraid I am not exaggerating) What can I say, my mommy and daddy are proud! :)

I tried not to allow the anticipation of the day to wake up those nerves of mine and I did pretty good. I just tip toed around making sure my nerves didn't even move from their place deep in side of me.

I arrived at the school with my large selection of teaching books,pens,sharpies,sticky notes, the works. I walked toward the building with my cute plaid shoes hitting the solid ground. That smile once again appeared on my face as I started my first day of school.

I met the children while my heart did a double jump. This is my class! My class!!

Pictures will have to wait and the rest of my story will as well. I have another school day tomorrow and I have to fall asleep!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Catching up!

Yes...*Cringe* I have done it again!! Me and my lack of blogging I tell ya! I decided I would catch you up tonight. Phew...I have been very busy getting my classroom all set up. Today was the last day I will be at the school until the big day the first day of school!! EEEKKK!!!! So excited!!

Here are my adorable nephews at a theme park last Saturday afternoon. We had a blast after the four hours of pouring rain that is.:)
Here we are in the car. Isn't Devyn just the most adorable toddler you ever did see????Devyn and I on the carousel can we say wet???
Partrick and Carole waiting for the pirate ship.
Devyn: okay come on lets all say it together CUTIE!!!!
My mom and I working on my bulletin board in my classroom!!!
Is this my room??Really???MY CLASS ROOM!!!???!!!

Yes, when I saw my classroom door with my name on it I almost jumped with glee. I am so happy!! Can you tell???

Yes, I am home well okay not "home" right this moment my family and I away right now but we will be back "home" soon. I am so glad I am home now. I missed it sooooooo much!!!:)

I hope everyone enjoyed my catching up post!!:)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Morgan Denise gave me the Brillante Weblog award the other day and I am now just getting around to posting it on my blog. (Busy past few days I tell ya!)

Here are the rules:
1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Add links to those blogs on your blog.
5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.


Mrs.H (Brand new blog) I'll ask all of you to go by and check it out. I love,love, LOVE it!!

(I decided since Morgan nominated three I could nominate two!) :)

Thanks again Morgan!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Once Upon a time...

There lived a little girl who loved to play house. Every free moment she had she would have a doll in her hand with all the trimmings, baby bottles,diaper bags...the works. "House" however was not the only game she enjoyed playing...

Down stairs in her church building in a small classroom that held all of her mom's k4 galore teaching supplies, she would stand at her mom's desk looking at the small desks in front of her. She would quietly eye the door and make sure no one was watching and then she would begin...teaching the imaginary students their,numbers and the alphabet, reading them Bible stories and putting a naughty child's name on the bored. Little did she know her mother and her former kindergarten teacher secretly watched this girl teach the empty room. They would quietly laugh and agree that one day she would have a class of her own...

My smile just can't leave my face and my fingers just can't type fast enough to let all of you know that little girl will have her very own k4 class this school year! Yes, friends, that little girl is me I will be at the front of the board this year. Living my dream. My goodness I am living my dream!!

So my secret is out. I am buying school clothes,looking at and buying school supplies, telling everybody I know that, yes, I am following in my moms foot steps and am becoming a teacher!! I can't wait to get into my classroom and start getting it ready!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Please keep your buckle on...

.....Until an employer comes by and unlatches it for you. Yup we have heard that announcement many times after a long roller coaster ride haven't we? My summer roller coaster ride has almost come to an complete end, and I can not lie and tell you I am disappointed about that.

Frankly, it is time for me to go home. If you are a regular on this blog, you know that the month of May I was down here helping out my Mimi, who had fallen. I then when back to my home for only a week, and have been down here ever since.

Honestly, I just miss being home!!As far as I know I am all done with the daycare. It was an experience I will never forget. I have made so many memories with a lot of the children. I have fully enjoyed working with my older sister and living with my Mimi, but it is time for me to start the new chapter in my life.

Which is...have I kept you all in suspense long enough? Nah...I will wait a little bit longer to tell you my big news starting at the end of this month.:) I'll give you a!Okay, back to the roller coaster. The beginning of this summer was just like the beginning of the ride. I was pumped, I was ready, I was all set to begin this new little adventure.

The ride was slow at first. I met the kids, I figured out how everything went, and then it started picking up. I am now a worker in this daycare. All the kids know me, and will ask for me, whine for me scream, my name at the top of their lungs. Yup, I would say they got pretty comfortable!! I was holding my sun glasses, feeling my hair whip against my face. This ride was now going fast!!!

Now, it's almost to a stop. It's just now pulling in, and I am just waiting for the employee to come unbuckle my seat belt. The ride has been enjoyable. It also has had it's moments where I didn't think I would make it, and would have to flag down a worker to stop the ride. But my seat belt held me tight (God) and didn't let me go.I am now looking forward to a week with Mimi and just hanging out. I am hoping to get some shopping done this week and use this week to pack my whole summer's worth of clothes into one suitcase.:)

I can feel my body just sigh with relief, having a week off. It has been a very full summer!! So as this ride comes to an end I can tell all my bloggie peeps that, hopefully, you will see more of me on my the little nook on the web.

As you can see, my page has been under some redecorating. Mackenzie helped me with this template and actually made my header for me. I think it came out really well!Well, I really wanted to update all of you on what I am doing and, hopefully, you will see me back on tomorrow!! Now that I have a chance to breathe!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My post can wait...

Ashleigh's Husband is home!!!!!!!!

Daddy's Home!
Sitting on a hard plastic chair a three-year-old little boy waited.Watching his mother scan the airport he decided to do the same.Looking at his “Army” clothes he fiddled with his hands.Hours passed while his deep blue eyes watched as soldiers walked by.

Kicking his legs against his seat he stopped in a halt as he watchedhis mother come to her feet. Her hands started to tremble as she grabbed his small hand.Slowly they passed by people talking, laughing, crying and yelling.Passed the hugging, the hand shaking and holding.All of a sudden the little boy couldn’t hear a thing.

His face was wet but he wasn’t sure why as he held tighter to his mother’s soft hand.Then in a distance he saw him. He paused and looked up at his mother’s pretty face that matched his own. Tears streaming down, she called to his daddy.His dad stopped like he was having a dream. His dark, serious face stared at his mother.

Then like somebody had turned on the light, his face became a smile. He ran like there was no tomorrow and then stopped.He lifted the little boy’s mommy up. He watched as both his parents laughed with delight.A moment the small boy would never forget, his daddy looked at him, he slowly let go of his wife and hunkered down to face his son eye to eye.

“Daddy, I love you!” The small boy whispered while the man scooped him up and vowed he would never let him go.

Written by: Ginger

Saturday, August 2, 2008

A "Lushious" Heart that is sober for Jesus

For weeks now this post has been so close to my heart and it never fully leaves my mind. When I least expect it, this subject pops into my head, and my mind wants my fingers to start typing, and my brain start to thinking, and my lips start to move in a silent way as the words form and the keys click, but time just hasn't agreed with my mind's plans.

So on this Saturday afternoon, where the only noise I hear is the Air conditioner in the window, and the quiet strokes of a paint brush in my mom's mural in back of me, a quiet voice inside of me says "Do it now Ginger. Sit down and write it now!"

Originally, this post is written for my blog, where I love to jot down my day to day thoughts, and joys and other fun things about me and my family. But I am going to do something a little new today and copy and paste this post so my facebookers can also read this.

Most of you know, this summer I have been away from home, working at a daycare with my older sister. Besides the trials and tribulations of working with 13 children at once, I have had a pretty good time.

Children are my comfort zone. When there are children around me I tend to be myself, and forget about being in an unfamiliar surrounding, not knowing many of the people, children bring out the best in me! So, when I was offered this job, I didn't automatically think I wouldn't know anyone besides Leslie. Instead I thought, cool, working with children all day sounds like fun and will give me something to do until next school year.

And that is exactly what it has been, fun! However, I didn't know how much my faith and my beliefs would be tested in these three months of summer.

I feel like I have been asked so many different subjects about different things that I do and do not believe in. I could write a book, but the one subject that doesn't seem to want to go away is the matter that I don't drink.

I have never really thought much on the matter. Only that I knew in my personal life I would never touch an alcoholic beverage, that I believe that drinking is wrong, even an occasional drink. That when the Bible says "Wine is a mocker and strong drink is raging...." God means every word of it! So in my own life any type of "strong" drink will not be downed into my body. So besides that, I knew that other Christians and non Christians drink and believe it's fine, but I never thought that some of these people would be so shocked over my conviction.

I laugh at how naive I was. I was slapped with reality as soon as I casually mentioned I was turning twenty -one. (Big mistake I tell ya) "Twenty one, are you going out partying all night on your birthday?" "No" "What?????" "I don't believe in drinking." Dumb founded look "You don't drink at all?" "No." "Woooooooooooooooow!!!" These people are literally shocked that I won't taste one sip.

What really shocks me is how alcohol rules peoples lives. I mean, yes, I may not have been around many people that drank before this summer. But how it's their comfort zone, like children are to me, disgust the living day lights out of me! So why am I writing this post? Why am I telling people what they already know? That drinking is everywhere. That many people are fine with it and that people think I am odd because I don't drink.

I am jotting this down because even if you are like me, and never plan on taking one sip of alcohol in your life, I worn you, don't be so naive like I was. Don't pretend it's not out there because it is and if you are like me, and never thought the question would be broached, it will be, and you need to be ready and stand your ground.

If you are just the opposite of me, and feel like I have been sheltered my whole life. That I don't drink because I don't know how good and refreshing it is. That maybe if I had one sip I would change my mind. Maybe you are one that thinks an occasional drink once in awhile maybe wine with dinner is fine, and I am over reacting. The fact of the matter is, I am not. I believe you can have a fun time with out poisoning your body. Without putting harmful liquid that can harm a baby and has to have a legal age to drink it, into your system.

I'd rather not be a lush. Or rather not get sick all night or have a killer headache in the morning. I'd rather be sober with a luscious heart to sever the Lord. Forgive me if I sound too "preachy" because I am not trying to point fingers at people and say take this to heart. I just felt a need to write a post about something that has come into my life and what I think upon the matter.