Sunday, February 28, 2010

....our vacation...

Long trip....


Listening to music on my hot pink mp3...

Drinking Dunkin Donuts white hot chocolate in the car...

Entering my home town...

Visiting family and friends...

Going to the mall...

Getting a sweater for two ninety seven...

Showing off my baby brother at church this morning...

Saying good bye to my family...

And spending the week with Carole at my Mimi's house...

Yup so that is where we are at. We are now enjoying a quiet night at Mimi's.

I will try to keep you all updated on our adventures! While we are here!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

And what shall I do?

How short?

How long?


No bangs?

Yes, bloggie people. I have decided it's time! Not just a trim or style I already had. I want a change. I want a different look. Not drastic. But new, fresh. Something DIFFERENT!

I don't know if I ever told you all this story but if I did read again....

When I was a senior in high school. I had MAJOR long hair. I mean MAJOR. I LOVED my hair.

Sure, it would get tangled.

Sure, it would get caught in the vaccum cleaner.

Sure, it got so long I couldn't brush it without help.

Sure, for the first time in my life I had to start using detangler.

Sure, I would have to use a half bottle of shampoo in one shower.

But it was MY hair. And I loved it.

Something, about being a senior kind of messes up your mind. Highschool in just a few months will only be a memory. The future is at your finger tips.

What will I do?

Who will I be?

Will I meet my future husband before I graduate or after I graduate?

What will I do for a job?

How long will I be at home?


So, then you start thinking. (Or at least I did) I have had this hair style since I was 15. ust, growing and growing and growing my hair. I want to look older, I want to look like an adult.

So, for months, and months I pondered, I agonized and decided it was time to chop off my hair for Locks Of Love. And get a style for my hair.

After, pondering over 16 million copies of Singing News (A Southern Gospel Magazine) Studying each and every female singer's hair style. I created a doo had my VERY talented mother sketch me wearing the hair style filled out the form for locks of love went to a salon that accepted locks of love.

Of course, when she realized I was going to get a free hair cut she wasn't all that thrilled and made sure I knew the ground rules.

No hair dye

Basic hair cut nothing drastic

No drying the hair (In the COLD mountains in MARCH)

I nodded took a deep breath and let her start.

*SNIP* I heard the scissors laughing at me as I stared at myself in the mirror asking myself why I was getting this done? Why did I want this?

*Snip* the scissors were taunting me.

Giving me this tooth grin.

When I saw my pony tail hanging from the dressers hands I caught my breath. She did it there it is still in it's allastic. Honey blonde hair MY HAIR hanging from her graps. Is she smirking? Who did I go to? Who is this women is she out to get me?

She is not through is she?

She takes me to the sink I lay my weary head down staring at pictures of cut out pictures from natianal geogracific magazines. Penguins, and horses filling my vison as I imangine my new doo. She then wraps my hair in a powder pink towel I tried not to think about the prospect that towel had not been washed and how many other people's hair were wrapped up in this fabric.

She sits me back down laughing at how "nervous" I looked.

Ranting and raving how cute my hair was going to look she started taking a small amount of my hair in a pony tail. "Again with the pony tail?" I thought. What is she doing? I then said "Stop Ginger she is profecinal she knows what to do."

Snip... "Stop" I told the scissors this isn't funny. YOU need to stop TAUNTING me. You need to stop enjoying this.

I glanced at Carole and our friend Rosey in the mirror. Who were looking as *Nervous* as I did.

It felt like hours however it was only 30 minutes or less that the scissors were put down and the dresser handed me a locks of love certificate and sent me and my soaking wet hair out the door.

Rosey and Carole were on either side of me "Do you like?" "It's a little different then I imangined." " I LOVE IT." "Really, I do." Yes, they patronizing me, yes it looked horriable, yes it hadn't hit me yet.

When I got home I went into the house in the arms of awaiting mother begging her to tell me it looked good, begging her to tell me it was okay.

She has a horriable poker face ust to let you know. "Oh honey it looks wonderful!" Pulling me in her arms. I wonder if she really thought I didn't know she was mouthing to my father. "What were they THINKING?"

It kind of hit me hard when my mom casually announce she need to just trim a couple of pieces the hair dresser MISSED I then looked in the bathroom mirror. TEARS flowing freely from my eyes... senor pictures.... invitations...


I rambled on and on cried...and cried...

Went to bed crying....won't an email to my best friend sobbing while my hands moved across the keys...

Went to bed woke up grabbed my hair and started crying realizing it was not a nightmare.

But it was oh indeed it was a nightmare a living nightmare...

When you are 18 ready to become a respectful adult real life adult and have a mushroom hair cut it just does not work.

But thankfully, I didn't have to wear a paper bag over my head for a year.

My very kind hearted aunt took me to the her hair dressers. And they did the GREAT made my horror hair style into a style I loved. I now only go to them.

But I still get nervous every time I get my hair done.

I'm thinking short with side bangs?

What do you think??

Give me ideas...

Saturday, February 20, 2010


I don't know what is worse teething, going to the hospital because of teething, fever, and upset stomach or having your first DOUBLE ear infection.

My poor sweet brother tugging on his ear. Bottle, teething drops, warm blankets, favorite stuff animals, board books even the soothing sound of small children singing Bible songs could not calm his weary self.
Yesterday morning my parents brought him to the doctors where they announced he was experiencing his first DOUBLE ear infection.
His little being snuggling in my arms as I try my best to get a little smile out of him. I feel like I have won a race when he looks at me with his little sick eyes and moves his head into my shoulder (Like he is pretending to be shy) and breaks out with a HUGE smile!
He is feeling better today being on his medicine. His ears doesn't seem to be bothering him as much and he is more being himself.
But when there are days like yesterday where I play groups on my mp3 speakers, like the Down East Boys, Dixie Melody Boys and Ernie Haase while my sweet sick baby brother is snuggled on my shoulder (totally calmed by the music) as I rock him in the rocking chair.
NOTHING my friend can compare. Nothing. Even when he is sick he is the sweetest baby!
Can you tell this big sister is proud??
Have a wonderful Sunday!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Care for a cup of tea?

Last night when I wrote my post it was like a balm to my weary self.

Writing. For a long time now has been my get a way my chance to forget about my day and just write.

And to answer my commenter's. Yes, I had a better day today thank you for caring. Thank you for reading. Thank you for listening!

I always call this blog of my mine my little nook on the web. I hope when you come over here you feel like you are at home.

As if when you read my posts no matter, what it is about, Jeremy, faith, My Jesus, a day in the life of being a teacher, or a shopping trip. You feel like you are sitting at my kitchen table sipping tea from one of my "teacher" mugs. Laughing, awwing, even shedding a tear.

This post isn't going to be long tonight. I just wanted to offer you a cup of tea and visit my new "about me page" on my blog.

Have a wonderful Saturday!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

When you just need a listener...

I sit here at my desk listening to the wind outside my window....



But no words are forming, no thoughts are coming in my mind...

So why do I need a listener?

Why did I want to post?

I have no idea....

But my day went kind of sour.

Without explaining, without going too deep...

I wanted to write...

My outlet...

My getaway...

Thanks for listening...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Let's Grow Together

*This picture was taken in our back yard.*
*Photographer: My Daddy*

Tonight, I was talking to my mom about ideas for my class room. During our conversation we started discussing the childhood song "Read Your Bible."

After our conversation was over, I went up stairs and the song stayed in my head. I started thinking how that child hood song holds so much truth in it.

Read Your Bible, Pray everyday, Pray everyday,Pray everyday, Read your
Bible pray everyday and you will grow,grow,grow!

If we don't read our Bible and pray everyday what will happen to us? We will certainly not grow. I have found that out in my own life. At times I have found myself not reading my Bible as much not praying as much as I should and my attitude changes.

I get into a place where I'm not being the Christian I should. I'm not pleasing my Heavenly Father. And when I get into that place knowing I need to do something, knowing my heart is not being watered, knowing I need to do some MAJOR deweeding. I STOP and I PRAY. I then realize my heart needs some "Miracle Grow" So I start reading my Bible. I can feel my heart blooming, my heart growing as I read verses like...

And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap,
if we faint not.

Galatians 6:9


...lead me to the rock that is higher than I. Psalm 61:2

Don't read your Bible and forget to pray. Forget to pray. Forget to pray.Don't read your Bible and forget to pray.And you'll shrink, shrink, shrink!

Lets not shrink, my friend, lets grow together.....

Lets keep those hearts watered...

Lets not shrink....but grow in the Lord.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snow Day!!

I absolutely love school!

The smell...

The atmosphere...

The idea of it...

The whole school thing...

But when there is a possibility of a snow day...

When there are rumors that snow is in the forecast...

When I can imagine myself sleeping in...

A snow day sounds divine!

So this morning I woke up willing my phone to ring. When the clock read 5:50. I realized no one was calling and school was indeed on.

I started my day, getting up, putting my hair in a pony tail standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom doing my make up and listening to the Dixie Melody Boys on my mp3.

I went into the kitchen and watched the water boil in the kettle I knew it needed a few more minutes before it would be ready for my oatmeal so I decided to get dressed first.

I grabbed my sweater and denim skirt and climbed up the stairs. I draped my outfit on my desk chair and started making my bed while still listening to my mp3.
When my bed was made I grabbed my clothes and just when I was going to get dressed...I heard a noise...

Not a strange noise, a unique noise but a very familiar noise. A wonderful noise the mp3 went flying onto my bed while I quickly check the id willing it not to be a friendly wake up call from my older brother indeed it was from the school. "Miss_____ today is an unpaid snow day." (Funny man!)

I was so happy. I just wanted a snow day!

So during my snow day. I decided I would finally get up in my room and clean. I actually made it up there put rolls of Christmas wrapping paper on my bed, threw away a box, put in my planner that today was a snow day brought down my laptop to the baby's nursery and forgot about cleaning my room. Oh, well it's the thought that counts.

Instead I have been enjoying my snow day with my love, my sweet my baby brother! He has been a little cranky today more teeth are coming! But in the above picture I took this afternoon right after his short nap!

I'm now going to "publish" this and I'm not sure what I will do next. Maybe play with my Jeremy some more. Cuddle, snuggle,laugh, make faces, enjoy his cooing, even his whining. I love that boy.

How about you? Any snow where you are? Did you have a snow day? Or were you basking in the sun smooshing your toes in the hot sand? Tell me enlighten me...comment...:)

Monday, February 15, 2010

So, I'm a week late!

I did not write a post last week on this subject but better late than never I always say!

Six months ago... We were in the hospital.

Six months ago... I was so sleep deprived I would travel down to a little convenient store in the hospital to get my sixth cup of coffee only to spill all over my BIG sister tee shirt.

Six months ago... I was blogging, and facebooking, and twittering, and emailing and texting,and calling...and praying and praying for a big event that was going to change our whole family.

Six months ago...we welcomed God's little blessing into our family. Our sweetness, our joy, our love!
Now six months later we just can't get over how big our little boy is getting!
We LOVE you Jeremy!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

What Comes Around Goes Around.

....or however that saying is. I am the official "saying" killer. If you can say a saying wrong. I'll be the one to do it.

But what I meant about that title is this....

Are you one of those bloggers that check your favorite blogs every day? At least once a day maybe twice? Hoping the author of the blog will grace you with her presence. Hoping she will give you a small glimpse of her day, a picture, a saying, something to let you know she has not forgotten her corner on the net?

When I'm on the net I will hop around to my favorites and sit there and mope when they haven't updated. If I'm desperate enough to just "read" there writings. I will scroll down and start reading the most recent posts that I already read when they first wrote it. However, I then wonder does anybody do that to mine?

"Hmm I wonder if Ginger updated?"

"Maybe a new picture of Jeremy?"

"A ramble"

"A lesson she has learned."

"Nope...still the post about her whining over being single." (Insert heavy sigh)

So, I then started feeling pity over you if you are one of my famous "Bloggie stalkers" who are sitting at their desk willing me to write something. So, I then started pondering onto what to write.

You know bloggie peeps, that is a hard thing to do sometimes. I mean, sometimes I can sit here forever and stare at the white blank in front of me. Starting to write something and then deleting it. Is it to serious? Or is to silly? Do they want to see another picture? What will they think about this? You are my audience and I want to please you.

But other times I just don't feel like going to the computer and typing a post. Having a hard time training my mind to stay in one subject thinking about so many other thing swarming around my mind.

So, what is the purpose of this post? I truly don't know. I will allow you to decide for your self. But at least you are not sitting reading a post I have already written. At least you have a fresh new one to ponder and wonder and think "What is that girl talking about?" :)

I guess I will end this post for now. You all have a wonderful day tomorrow.

Oh, I thought you may like a new picture of Jeremy as well! You got a new post from me and a picture of Jeremy what else could a blogger ask for?? :D

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Single Awareness Day

Tomorrow all around the world people will be exchanging cute little read heart shaped boxes filled with chocolate covered hearts and beautiful pieces of jewelry. Some people may be saying "Yes" to marrying their prince. Others may be wishing their prince is with them instead of on the sandy spot or even in Heaven.

My grandfather was a romantic in his way. He didn't smother my Mimi with jewelry, and candy, and teddy bears galore. Instead he waited till the day after Valentines day when every thing was 75 % off and then and only then he would buy Mimi a BIG heart shaped box of chocolates. Now, years after my grandfather has gone to be with Jesus, my aunt will wait till the day after Valentines day and put a heart shaped box full of candy in the mail box.

And the tradition still continues on my grandfathers theory on Valentines day is being passed down my father has done the same thing for as long as I can remember.

So as you can see Valentines day has never been a huge thing in my family (more than one generation) so I'm now following with tradition.

You may ask how can you follow that tradition? You don't have any one? Well, I guess I would call my self something as a downer when it comes to Valentines day. Hence my title! :)

I wonder every year on February 14th next year will I have my Valentine? Next year will my prince be in my midst? I don't ponder upon it long. But when mushiness is all you see for the whole month you can't help but wonder, you can't help but think.

I always go back though to what I know. My LOVE story has already been written. I have read the parts before I met my prince but the chapters on meeting my prince are not "readable" yet. The author, God will allow me to read those parts when he knows I am ready to meet/read about my prince.

So what do I do until then? Well, my book mark is placed on the chapter I am waiting to read and I am living in the chapters I have read. I am enjoying those chapters where I am single. I'm enjoying being single, and doing things as a single gal.

Well, you never know maybe I will have a box of chocolates waiting for me in the mailbox, or a bouquet of flowers at the door, how about a big teddy bear waiting for me at my place at the table. From who you may ask. The S.A.D. cupid of course!

Yes, bloggie people I realize what the initials for Single Awareness Day stand for. Frankly I think it's hysterical!

And even if I don't get any flowers, or candy a friend of mine made sure I wouldn't spend the day alone. Yes, in the above picture is my valentine!! :) Or S.A.D.tine... :)

Have a great Single Awareness Day!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Living in the mountains during the winter has it's pro's and con's. But no matter what there are always a few basic rules you need to live by.

1.) NEVER eat snow that has already landed on the ground.
2.) If you like your designer boots never wear them in the snow.
3.)ALWAYS wear two pair of socks at least. (Unless you are in the house and you are like me and walk around the house bare feet.)
4.) If you wear heels on the ice take heavy steps balance yourself by holding both arms out like you are flying a plan and make occasional high pitch squeaks. (Okay, may not help your balance but it sure does annoy the brother leading you to the car;) )
5.) Never, leave a bottle of soda in the car. (Long Story)

So, about now what do you think I did?

Sledding? You may ask. Racing down the hill Carole and I. We were tied, my hands hit the snow as my hair whipped against my face I was gaining speed I could see Carole in my vision she was just a tad bit ahead. I knew I could win this one I just knew it. And....

Okay, that story was just a story. But it held your attention? I know it did! I haven't sled since I was 14!

Okay, next scenario, Jeremy and I hand in hand ice skating in the drive way. I was quite impressed at the moves Jeremy was showing me. Six months old and all ready a prize winner....alright...did I just see a roll of your eyes?

Well, if you really want the truth I will tell it...

...humble...sincere...the truth...

I'm in pain, deep,deep pain...okay not that much pain...but I'm still in pain...

How did I get this way? You may's not very noble or brave.

It's like this my school bag was packed my lunch bag well sorda packed, my teeth were brushed, my Bible read. My phone in my purse, I start to start to start my day...what I mean by that is my new plaid skirt that resembles my old school uniform in sixth grade is on. My new white sweater made my face look even paler if that can be possible. My flats were waiting by my bag as I kissed Jeremy's face, cooed and and made faces. My hair was still in a pony tail I hadn't decided what to do with my mass of locks for the day. In my nylon clad feet I realized I needed my shoes to leave the house. So one last word to my Jeremy who was cuddle in my mom's arms with his bottle I turned to leave my parents bedroom when...

I slipped on my dad's slipper flew into the air (Like a graceful swan) *Smirk* Landing ever so graceful on the hard wooden floor in a sitting position. For a brief moment I was in pain. I then felt fine all day being with my little people I was fine. I then went home and relaxed. I am now dreaming about frozen peas and steaks on my back and on my leg and on my arm.

So, while living on the mountains putting my life in danger walking on three inch heels on the slick ice where do I decide to fall? In the house at six fifty in the morning!

And there is my story a big OLE Oww!! :)

Monday, February 8, 2010


I thought you would all enjoy some bargains we came upon on Saturday afternoon. All of what you see came to a whopping $4.75. Among the bargains is the Winnie The Pooh book ends I mentioned in a past post that was marked for ten dollars.Well, my dad asked the clerk about the missing ears on the rabbits and she marked it for $1.75. Also a twenty dollar Leap Frog caterpillar that we bought for 69 cents. We also got two board books, slippers,a shirt and a bib.

Don't you LOVE thrift stores?? And isn't it funny all of our bargains are for Jeremy? :)

I am needing sleep. So all my bloggie people you have a great night!

Friday, February 5, 2010


Well, Jeremy is feeling better. He is eating again and is full of energy. I think what cracks me up the most is how when he is on my lap and I am on the computer he will hold my thumb. Never fails! He is so fun.

Well, I am once again trying to get rid of clothes I don't wear anymore. But let me tell ya! It's hard. I wore that to this...or I remember when I wore that. I am pretty sentimental!! But my dressers, and my closet is begging me donate some clothes to our local thrift store. It's just so hard going through it all.

I am actually taking a break from weeding through my clothes.

Oh, yes and about that budget. I am once again trying to stay on a budget this month. It's hard but I am trying. I was below the price I set for myself for clothing this month. And bought myself a skirt and sweater for sixteen dollars. Not too bad...I have done better.

I also am enjoying a nice fresh lemon!!! Mmmmm I haven't had a lemon in a long time!! It's very tasty!!! Yes, I LOVE lemons...YUM!!!

Well, I hope you all will have a wonderful weekend. And I need to head back to the clothes!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Well where was I?

The last I wrote I was telling all of you how Jeremy is teething and is having a hard time with it. Well, he also was dehydrated and had diarrhea so the Dr. had him on Pedelite.

By, yesterday afternoon he was miserable and had a rash (a long story short) my parents and sister Carole brought him to the hospital. Where they told him the rash was fine and the pedelite might have been giving him diarrhea.

I was so glad to find out he was okay and he didn't have to stay at the hospital.

He is feeling better he is still a little cranky but he is getting better.

I am afraid I don't have much else to write tonight. But I wanted to stop by and say "hi".

Hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow!

Monday, February 1, 2010

When there is nothing you can do...

Our household has not been filled with giggles and smiles the last few days and instead it has been filled with a cranky little boy who does not know what to do. His teeth are telling his gums that they are going to grow in but nothing is happening. And that sharp feeling will not subside. And as much as he tried to chew on his bottle nipple,tried a pacifier, a teething ring, every ones fingers, his blankies,stuff animal even his baby Einstein piano. Nothing seems to help.

His little face crumples in the pathetic, adorable little pout and his lip starts to quiver and little tears stream down his face as he looks at you pleading with you to do something about these pesky teeth that are trying to grow in.

Being a single gal, I don't think I ever quite got the whole ordeal about teething. Sure, I thought I got it when a mother looked at me with those sunken eyes from not sleeping for forty eight hours and said she is is now teething. And I would say "Oh, ya I remember when my nephew started teething." Now I think about they must think. "Sure, you had two hours with the child. He didn't live with you! You got to go home!"

And it's true it's ten times different when you have this hurting five month old under your roof twenty four hours a day. You just want to snuggle him, tell him everything is okay, give him his bottle, read him a story but the problem about that is he does not want to be cuddle, he does not want his bottle and he does not want to be reading about Winnie the Pooh being stuck in the rabbit hole while he feels like his tooth is stuck in his gums.

So, what do I do? Well, I watch my mom rock the screaming child, whispering in his ear humming softly as he tries to calm down. I offer to walk him around the house. Trying every antic in the book to make him giggle, smile, coo...

I then hand him back to my mom and I go over to my laptop and turn on Ann Downing. Ann Downing...she is a Southern Gospel singer she sang with the Speers, and the Downings. And she sings this one song called "Climbing Jacob's Ladder." Jeremy has adopted this song as his own. He always laughs, and smiles whenever he hears this song.

So in the middle of his screaming ......"We are climbing Jacob's ladder one by one and step by step...." I hear him stop and listen he cuddles on my mom's shoulder as he listens to the rest of the song...

So, when you have a baby that's teething and nothing will calm him down just put on Ann Downing that will do the trick.

Oh, and a little side note I emailed Ann Downing and told her Jeremy's story and she wrote me back! I thought that was pretty neat!!

You all have a wonderful afternoon!