Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Living in the mountains during the winter has it's pro's and con's. But no matter what there are always a few basic rules you need to live by.

1.) NEVER eat snow that has already landed on the ground.
2.) If you like your designer boots never wear them in the snow.
3.)ALWAYS wear two pair of socks at least. (Unless you are in the house and you are like me and walk around the house bare feet.)
4.) If you wear heels on the ice take heavy steps balance yourself by holding both arms out like you are flying a plan and make occasional high pitch squeaks. (Okay, may not help your balance but it sure does annoy the brother leading you to the car;) )
5.) Never, leave a bottle of soda in the car. (Long Story)

So, about now what do you think I did?

Sledding? You may ask. Racing down the hill Carole and I. We were tied, my hands hit the snow as my hair whipped against my face I was gaining speed I could see Carole in my vision she was just a tad bit ahead. I knew I could win this one I just knew it. And....

Okay, that story was just a story. But it held your attention? I know it did! I haven't sled since I was 14!

Okay, next scenario, Jeremy and I hand in hand ice skating in the drive way. I was quite impressed at the moves Jeremy was showing me. Six months old and all ready a prize winner....alright...did I just see a roll of your eyes?

Well, if you really want the truth I will tell it...

...humble...sincere...the truth...

I'm in pain, deep,deep pain...okay not that much pain...but I'm still in pain...

How did I get this way? You may ask...well...it's not very noble or brave.

It's like this my school bag was packed my lunch bag well sorda packed, my teeth were brushed, my Bible read. My phone in my purse, I start to start to start my day...what I mean by that is my new plaid skirt that resembles my old school uniform in sixth grade is on. My new white sweater made my face look even paler if that can be possible. My flats were waiting by my bag as I kissed Jeremy's face, cooed and and made faces. My hair was still in a pony tail I hadn't decided what to do with my mass of locks for the day. In my nylon clad feet I realized I needed my shoes to leave the house. So one last word to my Jeremy who was cuddle in my mom's arms with his bottle I turned to leave my parents bedroom when...

I slipped on my dad's slipper flew into the air (Like a graceful swan) *Smirk* Landing ever so graceful on the hard wooden floor in a sitting position. For a brief moment I was in pain. I then felt fine all day being with my little people I was fine. I then went home and relaxed. I am now dreaming about frozen peas and steaks on my back and on my leg and on my arm.

So, while living on the mountains putting my life in danger walking on three inch heels on the slick ice where do I decide to fall? In the house at six fifty in the morning!

And there is my story a big OLE Oww!! :)


Mrs. H said...

You had me going with the sledding for a minute!

Sorry you're so sore. I do believe everything hurts more when there is no real drama to go along with the injury!

Being chased by a moose...drama. Tripping on dad's slipper...not so much.

Maybe some Advil will ease your bruised pride. <3

Anonymous said...

LOL!! Glad you're okay!! :) LOL!

Around here I wear two pair of socks IN the house and only one when I go out! lol


You should go sledding again. It's so much fun! :)

Brittany said...

Hope you feel beeter soon! :-) At least you could claim tripping on something! I always just plain fall for no reason! :-D The last time I fell on ice sent me to Labor Hall in labor for the first time some where around 28 weeks pregnant! The last fall I had was at 32 weeks pregnant. I totally lost all my balance (what little I had!). Be careful! :-)