Wednesday, February 24, 2010

And what shall I do?

How short?

How long?


No bangs?

Yes, bloggie people. I have decided it's time! Not just a trim or style I already had. I want a change. I want a different look. Not drastic. But new, fresh. Something DIFFERENT!

I don't know if I ever told you all this story but if I did read again....

When I was a senior in high school. I had MAJOR long hair. I mean MAJOR. I LOVED my hair.

Sure, it would get tangled.

Sure, it would get caught in the vaccum cleaner.

Sure, it got so long I couldn't brush it without help.

Sure, for the first time in my life I had to start using detangler.

Sure, I would have to use a half bottle of shampoo in one shower.

But it was MY hair. And I loved it.

Something, about being a senior kind of messes up your mind. Highschool in just a few months will only be a memory. The future is at your finger tips.

What will I do?

Who will I be?

Will I meet my future husband before I graduate or after I graduate?

What will I do for a job?

How long will I be at home?


So, then you start thinking. (Or at least I did) I have had this hair style since I was 15. ust, growing and growing and growing my hair. I want to look older, I want to look like an adult.

So, for months, and months I pondered, I agonized and decided it was time to chop off my hair for Locks Of Love. And get a style for my hair.

After, pondering over 16 million copies of Singing News (A Southern Gospel Magazine) Studying each and every female singer's hair style. I created a doo had my VERY talented mother sketch me wearing the hair style filled out the form for locks of love went to a salon that accepted locks of love.

Of course, when she realized I was going to get a free hair cut she wasn't all that thrilled and made sure I knew the ground rules.

No hair dye

Basic hair cut nothing drastic

No drying the hair (In the COLD mountains in MARCH)

I nodded took a deep breath and let her start.

*SNIP* I heard the scissors laughing at me as I stared at myself in the mirror asking myself why I was getting this done? Why did I want this?

*Snip* the scissors were taunting me.

Giving me this tooth grin.

When I saw my pony tail hanging from the dressers hands I caught my breath. She did it there it is still in it's allastic. Honey blonde hair MY HAIR hanging from her graps. Is she smirking? Who did I go to? Who is this women is she out to get me?

She is not through is she?

She takes me to the sink I lay my weary head down staring at pictures of cut out pictures from natianal geogracific magazines. Penguins, and horses filling my vison as I imangine my new doo. She then wraps my hair in a powder pink towel I tried not to think about the prospect that towel had not been washed and how many other people's hair were wrapped up in this fabric.

She sits me back down laughing at how "nervous" I looked.

Ranting and raving how cute my hair was going to look she started taking a small amount of my hair in a pony tail. "Again with the pony tail?" I thought. What is she doing? I then said "Stop Ginger she is profecinal she knows what to do."

Snip... "Stop" I told the scissors this isn't funny. YOU need to stop TAUNTING me. You need to stop enjoying this.

I glanced at Carole and our friend Rosey in the mirror. Who were looking as *Nervous* as I did.

It felt like hours however it was only 30 minutes or less that the scissors were put down and the dresser handed me a locks of love certificate and sent me and my soaking wet hair out the door.

Rosey and Carole were on either side of me "Do you like?" "It's a little different then I imangined." " I LOVE IT." "Really, I do." Yes, they patronizing me, yes it looked horriable, yes it hadn't hit me yet.

When I got home I went into the house in the arms of awaiting mother begging her to tell me it looked good, begging her to tell me it was okay.

She has a horriable poker face ust to let you know. "Oh honey it looks wonderful!" Pulling me in her arms. I wonder if she really thought I didn't know she was mouthing to my father. "What were they THINKING?"

It kind of hit me hard when my mom casually announce she need to just trim a couple of pieces the hair dresser MISSED I then looked in the bathroom mirror. TEARS flowing freely from my eyes... senor pictures.... invitations...


I rambled on and on cried...and cried...

Went to bed crying....won't an email to my best friend sobbing while my hands moved across the keys...

Went to bed woke up grabbed my hair and started crying realizing it was not a nightmare.

But it was oh indeed it was a nightmare a living nightmare...

When you are 18 ready to become a respectful adult real life adult and have a mushroom hair cut it just does not work.

But thankfully, I didn't have to wear a paper bag over my head for a year.

My very kind hearted aunt took me to the her hair dressers. And they did the GREAT made my horror hair style into a style I loved. I now only go to them.

But I still get nervous every time I get my hair done.

I'm thinking short with side bangs?

What do you think??

Give me ideas...


Anonymous said...

::sigh:: What a terrible story! At least it has a happy ending. :) Do we not get to see pictures?!?

I have SO been wanting a new haircut too! And I do the whole agonizing over pictures (oh YEAH)etc., but then because I have certain features (long neck, prominite jaw line) I balance all of the hairstyles as to whether this style would draw more attention to this, or would this one work better, etc. :P (One of my latest favorites is so cute but ends right at the jaw...which would totally 'feature' the jaw and I'm not sure that's good! :))Alot of bother for a hair cut!!! lol I've only been to a beautician once (when I was about 12) but since I don't really know of one right off now I'm afraid to try a new one! ;)

I think above shoulder/side bangs will look great on you.


(Totally cool about sketching out the hairstyle, by the way! I try the photoshop route. :) Oh--and why couldn't they dry it??)

Anonymous said...

1 Corinthians 11:15 But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering.

There is nothing childish, or not grown up about having long hair. My opinion would be that you should grow it out like it was before you cut it in the first place. Long hair is beautiful. It is the world that says it is not stylish. There are plenty of godly older women that have long hair and I think that is the most beautiful. Pray about it God will lead you. God Bless Lisa

Anonymous said...

I am trying to decide how I should get my hair cut! I want something new for my senior pics, but after your story I'm not really sure! I want something new, so I might go with shorter hair. We shall see??? :)

Morgan and I were just talking about hair styles yesterday. She has some great ideas!!

We want some pics of your new hair cut when you get it done!!


Anonymous said...

Another idea--what about a perm? The downside for me of course, is when it starts growing out... :P And they say it dries your hair out so that would be another thing to consider, but I think that would be cute on you too--not much shorter than it is now (at least I think I know how short your hair is right now ;)), but curly... :)