Friday, February 5, 2010


Well, Jeremy is feeling better. He is eating again and is full of energy. I think what cracks me up the most is how when he is on my lap and I am on the computer he will hold my thumb. Never fails! He is so fun.

Well, I am once again trying to get rid of clothes I don't wear anymore. But let me tell ya! It's hard. I wore that to this...or I remember when I wore that. I am pretty sentimental!! But my dressers, and my closet is begging me donate some clothes to our local thrift store. It's just so hard going through it all.

I am actually taking a break from weeding through my clothes.

Oh, yes and about that budget. I am once again trying to stay on a budget this month. It's hard but I am trying. I was below the price I set for myself for clothing this month. And bought myself a skirt and sweater for sixteen dollars. Not too bad...I have done better.

I also am enjoying a nice fresh lemon!!! Mmmmm I haven't had a lemon in a long time!! It's very tasty!!! Yes, I LOVE lemons...YUM!!!

Well, I hope you all will have a wonderful weekend. And I need to head back to the clothes!!!!!!


Anonymous said... eat lemons just like...LEMONS?! Yikes! No thanks! :)


My word for the word verification thingy is "mistsche". lol

Mrs. H said...

If you squeeze one of those lemons into a mug of hot water and add a little sugar, you'll have a great remedy for your tired throat!

It's so sweet to see Jeremy smiling!!!!

Mackenzie said...

About the clothes'll know you have a problem with getting rid of things when:

1. You donate them
2. Come back to shop the next weekend
3. Pick out the top that you donated the weekend before
4. Buy it
5. Try it on it at home and then remember it was yours to begin with

Anonymous said...

lol, Mackenzie is this personal experience? Ginge I am going thru clothes again / still myself. By the way would you like some OPI nail polish?? :)