Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Well where was I?

The last I wrote I was telling all of you how Jeremy is teething and is having a hard time with it. Well, he also was dehydrated and had diarrhea so the Dr. had him on Pedelite.

By, yesterday afternoon he was miserable and had a rash (a long story short) my parents and sister Carole brought him to the hospital. Where they told him the rash was fine and the pedelite might have been giving him diarrhea.

I was so glad to find out he was okay and he didn't have to stay at the hospital.

He is feeling better he is still a little cranky but he is getting better.

I am afraid I don't have much else to write tonight. But I wanted to stop by and say "hi".

Hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Glad he's better, poor little guy!!


Sis. Julie said...

I'm so glad he is okay. Candyce has been going through it lately with sickness too. She has had a cold and the flu!! And on top of that she is teething too. She has been on pedialite too. Its tough seeing miserable when they are so small...but they will come out of it just like we did when we were small.

Love you and sorry I haven't come by in a while.

I still come by occasionally to check on you though.

Love you!!!