Sunday, February 14, 2010

What Comes Around Goes Around.

....or however that saying is. I am the official "saying" killer. If you can say a saying wrong. I'll be the one to do it.

But what I meant about that title is this....

Are you one of those bloggers that check your favorite blogs every day? At least once a day maybe twice? Hoping the author of the blog will grace you with her presence. Hoping she will give you a small glimpse of her day, a picture, a saying, something to let you know she has not forgotten her corner on the net?

When I'm on the net I will hop around to my favorites and sit there and mope when they haven't updated. If I'm desperate enough to just "read" there writings. I will scroll down and start reading the most recent posts that I already read when they first wrote it. However, I then wonder does anybody do that to mine?

"Hmm I wonder if Ginger updated?"

"Maybe a new picture of Jeremy?"

"A ramble"

"A lesson she has learned."

"Nope...still the post about her whining over being single." (Insert heavy sigh)

So, I then started feeling pity over you if you are one of my famous "Bloggie stalkers" who are sitting at their desk willing me to write something. So, I then started pondering onto what to write.

You know bloggie peeps, that is a hard thing to do sometimes. I mean, sometimes I can sit here forever and stare at the white blank in front of me. Starting to write something and then deleting it. Is it to serious? Or is to silly? Do they want to see another picture? What will they think about this? You are my audience and I want to please you.

But other times I just don't feel like going to the computer and typing a post. Having a hard time training my mind to stay in one subject thinking about so many other thing swarming around my mind.

So, what is the purpose of this post? I truly don't know. I will allow you to decide for your self. But at least you are not sitting reading a post I have already written. At least you have a fresh new one to ponder and wonder and think "What is that girl talking about?" :)

I guess I will end this post for now. You all have a wonderful day tomorrow.

Oh, I thought you may like a new picture of Jeremy as well! You got a new post from me and a picture of Jeremy what else could a blogger ask for?? :D


Britt said...

Adorable picture!!!! :-D

Stepheny Weaver said...

Jeremy is growing more adorable every time I see him!!! :) He is SOOOOOOO cute!

Yes, I am one of your "blog stalkers!" I check your blog just about everyday and yes, if you haven't posted I will read the most recent post even though I've read it already! I find sometimes that if I read a post again I read something I might have missed! So sometimes I comment or comment again. :) How about you? Do you read my blog anymore? I try to post.

Great post! I love those "random" post that you post!

Keep up the great bloggie work... you are doing great! Hey and maybe you would stop by and comment on my blog?! I hope I am "one of your favorites!"


Anonymous said...

A picture of Jeremy will ALWAYS make us happy. ;)


Anonymous said...

I love coming to your blog and having something new to read almost every day! I especially love pics of Jeremy!!