Saturday, February 13, 2010

Single Awareness Day

Tomorrow all around the world people will be exchanging cute little read heart shaped boxes filled with chocolate covered hearts and beautiful pieces of jewelry. Some people may be saying "Yes" to marrying their prince. Others may be wishing their prince is with them instead of on the sandy spot or even in Heaven.

My grandfather was a romantic in his way. He didn't smother my Mimi with jewelry, and candy, and teddy bears galore. Instead he waited till the day after Valentines day when every thing was 75 % off and then and only then he would buy Mimi a BIG heart shaped box of chocolates. Now, years after my grandfather has gone to be with Jesus, my aunt will wait till the day after Valentines day and put a heart shaped box full of candy in the mail box.

And the tradition still continues on my grandfathers theory on Valentines day is being passed down my father has done the same thing for as long as I can remember.

So as you can see Valentines day has never been a huge thing in my family (more than one generation) so I'm now following with tradition.

You may ask how can you follow that tradition? You don't have any one? Well, I guess I would call my self something as a downer when it comes to Valentines day. Hence my title! :)

I wonder every year on February 14th next year will I have my Valentine? Next year will my prince be in my midst? I don't ponder upon it long. But when mushiness is all you see for the whole month you can't help but wonder, you can't help but think.

I always go back though to what I know. My LOVE story has already been written. I have read the parts before I met my prince but the chapters on meeting my prince are not "readable" yet. The author, God will allow me to read those parts when he knows I am ready to meet/read about my prince.

So what do I do until then? Well, my book mark is placed on the chapter I am waiting to read and I am living in the chapters I have read. I am enjoying those chapters where I am single. I'm enjoying being single, and doing things as a single gal.

Well, you never know maybe I will have a box of chocolates waiting for me in the mailbox, or a bouquet of flowers at the door, how about a big teddy bear waiting for me at my place at the table. From who you may ask. The S.A.D. cupid of course!

Yes, bloggie people I realize what the initials for Single Awareness Day stand for. Frankly I think it's hysterical!

And even if I don't get any flowers, or candy a friend of mine made sure I wouldn't spend the day alone. Yes, in the above picture is my valentine!! :) Or S.A.D.tine... :)

Have a great Single Awareness Day!


Megan.Margaret said...

It's hard to wait,but it will be so worth it. It's so great to see women of God who are waiting patiently :)

I highly recommend Leslie Ludy's book, Sacred Singleness. it's awesome!

Mrs. H said...

You've gotta love a guy with an eye for a sale! I'd gladly wait til the 15th to score candy at 75%off!!

My dad would often buy my mom a card but rarely did the chocolates and flowers thing. Until one year my mom got this huge heart-shaped box of Russell Stover chocolates and flowers as well. He even sent my grandmother a box of those expensive chocolates, too! We were all so surprised and frankly, impressed with my dad.

Until my mom found out that he had used her charge card for his purchases.

Oh well, it was the thought that counts, right?