Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Blogging 'cause I want to...

Yes, another spur of the moment post. No real subject or any real meaning, just thought I would give you all an update on my room.

Suzanne wrote a comment asking what color I painted my shelf. So that gave me a great idea, I would give all of you an update on my bedroom. Thank you Suzanne!

So, my shelf is now painted white. I know, not so exciting but the other color paints around the house wouldn't match my light purple wall paper. But I think it will go okay with some dolls on the shelf and some knick knacks here and there. I also bought some small cubicles. They are a type of organizer from the dollar store. They are a great for holding all my DVD's. They are able to stack up on each other and it really looks nice.

Right this moment I have a bright colorful comforter on my bed but I am thinking I may put on this cherub comforter set I have. It may make my room look more "adultish" lol...Hopefully I will put pictures up soon. I may be getting my other computer soon so maybe, just maybe you will see some pictures really, really soon.

Well, if anyone has any more room ideas I still would like to read them.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

10 cents good bargain huh?

At our local thrift store they had a sale today. Everything that had a certain color tag on it was 10 cents. I found a blazer with a top and a sweat shirt. My sister Carole found a lot of stuff.

I also found a Joshua Harris book (I kissed Dating Goodbye author) that wasn't ten cents but it was still a good price. I've never dated but I love his books. I was so excited!

When my dad came home today he brought me a shelf for my room! Again, I was so excited!! It's wood and needs a little TLC but it's going to be great. My brother and dad are working on it right now. Then it will be ready for me and my sister to paint. I just can't wait for it to be ready so I can put it in my room.

Oh, it's time for me to paint now. When my other PC is back up I will show pictures of my shelf and my re decorated bed room:)

Monday, August 27, 2007

The most wonderful time of the year!

Does anyone remember that Staples commercial that appeared around the end of the summer every year. Although, I haven't seen it for the last couple of years, I think.

Anyhow, the one where the parents are smiling and hopping up and down while they are pushing the shopping cart around, throwing school supplies in the cart while their two children are sulking in back of them. In the back round the song "It's the most wonderful time of the year" is playing.

As a student I would hate that commercial. I thought nothing could be more demeaning. The parents, happy that their children are leaving for school and when I saw that commercial I knew school was beginning soon. At the time school was not my favorite past time.

But now, that song is ringing in my ears and it's not that my brother and sister will be back in school. Number one they don't actually leave the house because they are home schooled and number two I like it when they have summer vacation. We get to hang out at all hours of the night and when they are back in school, I go solo again. Sad story, I know.

It's because I go back to the Christian school this Friday and I can't wait. I have become the "story teller" for the first and second graders and the kindergartners of the school. No, that does not mean I tell them false stories and they believe me. I read them a book every week at the end of the day. Sometimes I bring snacks with me or prizes and whenever I don't bring something "extra" they sure let me have it!! lol...

I think I will be bringing a book about the first day of school, this week. If I decide to bring a craft I may find some ideas in my handy, dandy Mailbox Magazine. I love that magazine, so many ideas.

I was asked last night if I would also be willing to work in the library while I am there. So cool, huh? Wow, I am so busy! lol...I can't wait!! Can you tell??

Okay I guess I will be ending for now.

Friday, August 24, 2007

"Mom, I love you!"

Every month she looks on the wall. She still can’t believe how long he has been gone. She marks that day on the small box and when no one is looking she lets her guard down…

“Mom, I love you.”…goes through her mind.

As tears fill her eyes and her memory goes wild. She can feel him in her arms. She can see him smile. Every feature, every move, every emotion, every mood, her little boy is still alive when she closes her eyes…

“Mom, I love you.” she can hear loud and clear

His wedding day flashes through her mind as his eyes were focused on his precious bride. The joy she saw when he said “Mom, here’s your grandson…” And then again, when he presented her with a granddaughter.

“Mom, I love you.” she clenches at those words

The disease was long and painful but his faith never wavered. Such an inspiration he was and still is to her and the ones who loved him.

“ Mom, I love you.” she cries at the thought

She stands taller and wipes her eyes and thanks God that her son is alive and waiting for her at those gates. One day she will see her son alive again and those words she longs to hear, she will.

“Mom, I love you.”
Written by: Ginger

This is dedicated to my cousin Tommy who went to be with the Lord this past March and my Aunt Carol.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sitting here on the couch.

The excitement, the anticipation, the awe you must be feeling by reading just my title. I am afraid I am being just a tad bit on the sarcastic side. I think I am allowed to do that when I am blogging at midnight. My eyes feel like lead as I try to scrape up something really interesting to blog about.

We were able to go to mid- week service tonight. Our Pastor came and picked us up. We then found out after service that he and his wife are lending us their car for the week, which is so sweet. Hopefully by the time we give them their car back we will have our own car again! I hope!!

I was so surprised that not one but two bloggers commented on my last post. lol...Very encouraging that people like even my most boring post!!lol... I do try!

Oh...I am going back to the christian school, not this Friday, but next. I can't wait. I am so excited between this and my day home, which will be starting soon. Since we now have a car, I plan on putting my brochures out.

I also am hoping we will be able to go shopping soon. I really want to go shopping!! lol

Alright, enough for now. Talk to you later!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Oh the woes of writer's block...

Oh man, please forgive me for not writing anything for a few days. I have just had nothing to blog about. If you have anything you would like me to blog about send me a suggestion. I won't promise you I will do you never know. I might. can't think of anything!! This is horrible. We need a car so I can go shopping and tell you about all my bargains. Well, my day care will start soon so I will have plenty to chat about then and school will be week so I may have a story or two then.

I know you are enjoying this post. You are saying "Ginger this is the best blog you have written" lol...

I am sorry I am wordless. I guess I should end. Maybe tomorrow I will have something worth writing about.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Too late for blogging...but here's a thought...

Do a yard sale in a some what civilized neighborhood and you may earn a buck, or fifty!! and Carole had a great time and sold a lot of things, we even earned some money for my younger brother selling some of his things. Me and Carole spilt the money and as soon as the car is fixed will be heading out to look for bedroom decor. I need to head to bed before I doze at my PC. But first I need to let you know I received my first issue of Mailbox magazine. It was a gift. If you haven't heard of it you should. It has great ideas and I can't wait to be able to use them when I have my day home. Oh, also, my Mimi ordered me Lori Wick's newest book, Cassidy. I received it in the mail this past Tuesday and love it. But, I haven't gotten to far I have been extremely busy. Okay, going to bed. Nightie night!! As my three year old nephew would say.

Friday, August 17, 2007

When the wind blows...

The cradle didn't rock but the house sure did. Last night we had a major thunder storm. It looked like a typhoon out there. The sky was as blue as can be at nine at night. The wind was crazy and the trees swung in every direction.

By nine thirty we would see a flash of lightning and some emergency vehicle pass the house. This morning after we woke up we went outside to pick up huge limbs that had fallen off the trees.

Our shed has looked better. A branch must have fallen from a tree and landed on the shed's roof. It's now warped and the doorway is all broken and hanging needless to say I wouldn't recommend anyone standing near it right now, unless you want to loose an eye that is.

The storm lasted a long time and it wasn't till after midnight that it stopped all together.

My dad heard on the radio that a town near by had to be shut down during the storm. No one could come in and no one could go out. I guess we should be thankful we have no car right now or we might have been out during that awful storm.

Like I asked in my last post can you please continue to pray for the three things I mentioned the other night and one more. My older brother called the other night to let us know that his wife's cousin was found dead. He would've been twenty five next month. I ask you to pray for his family as they go through this ordeal.

Thank you again...I think it is so great that through the "blog sphere" we can meet fellow believers from different states and countries and we can lift each other up in prayer. People we never knew existed until we stumbled upon their "blog" and read a post, left a small comment and instantly connected.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It's about time. I know...

I have been very busy this week. I am happy to say, though, I actually have time and can concentrate on my blog right now. Well, my bedroom is starting to shape up... I still have a pile of books here and a big trash bag there. But it's coming together.

My sunburn is not as sore now. I am still red but I do not hear the word "lobster" coming out of my family's mouths as much. that's good anyway. My sister's ears got the most burned they actually blistered and popped. Eww...I know, but that's life. She also is feeling better and can actually talk on the phone again.

Like I have mentioned before, this Saturday my sister and I will be doing another yard sale. My mother has already said she will bathe us in sun block before we leave. LOL...We still have a lot of things we haven't sold yet. Like dolls,toys and other odds and ends. Oh, and of shoes! I got rid of so many and I still had to cram the rest under my bed. What can I say? I love shoes.

I am going to ask all my blogging friends to do something before I end this post. I have three things I would be so thankful if you prayed for. 1. An eighteen year old boy named Charlie who was diagnosed with brain cancer this past May. 2. Our car is down again. Please pray that the car will be fixed all the way or we will be able to get a new car some how. 3. An unspoken request.

Thank you so much for praying.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

A yard sale is not worth it when...

Five hours outside, toasting in the sun and sixteen dollars to show for...and a really bad sun burn! (Guess we should of remembered the block!) Maybe next Saturday me and Carole will do a little better at the other yard sale we are going to be a part of.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

What day is it, again?

The problem with the summer is you don't have to keep up with what day is what. You just let life handle it for you. Wednesday is our mid- week service but this week we had church at a church we associate with last night so we have no service tonight.

So, all day long I am thinking it's Thursday and it's only Wednesday. My confusion also may be stemmed by the fact that I was in my bed room mostly all day trying make sense of the mess.

I finally got everything cleared off my bed to find window cleaner had spilled all over my clean sheet! AGH!! I say. So, I took off the sheet and I am planning on putting an old sheet I had for years on with little teddy bears on it. Sounds real adult right?

Oh, man. Well, enough of my complaining. I am sure you want to hear about my great news right? Okay, here it goes. Last night at church, the pastor's wife asked me if I still want to work at the school one day a week! YAHOOO!!! I am so excited. I am still doing my day care but on Fridays my mom will help me out. So, I am really so happy! I can't wait to begin.

Well, I don't want to admit it but I have been on my handy dandy laptop for a long time now and I really should sign off and go back to my pig pen...I mean bed room. lol...So, I will update you on my slowly progressing bed room later on.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Welcome to My Chaos!

With boxes to the ceiling and shoes up to my ears, I am in a clutter night mare. Rearranging the room sounded like a great idea at the time but now it looks like more of a mess than I bargained for.

My sister Carole is putting everything we own in boxes for a big yard sale we are going to be a part of. And I still have too much stuff... not that I don't want that's a different blog for a different time. You may find that post under..."Shopping and how to cope"

My new bed which was Carole's old bed, is in the center of my room. It would look great if it was not covered with any and every doll I have ever owned, every stinking long necklace I bought at Penny's when they had a great sale. My shoes that I will not depart from (even if my mom said that I won't be able to wear them all even if I changed five times during the day.)

lol...So I have a lot to do. So does Carole. Right now she only has half of a bed...long story I really don't want to get into that.

So as I polish off the rest of my Pepsi in my mug and listen to Aaron and Carole play....uh I mean go through Aaron's GI Joe's for the yard sale. I think I really need to get off my PC and go back to my room. Although, I need to find something to wear tonight. We are having an early mid week service tonight at one of the churches we associate with.

With all that I guess I should end for now. Again I am open to any and all ideas about room decorating.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

The woes of having a small room...

Good evening blogging people,
Here I am at my kitchen table, in my pj's, on my very "cool" laptop thinking about what to blog. It's been a while since I've blogged one of my famous rambling blogs and I thought tonight was as good a night as any to write one.

You need to understand, my room is small! Now, speaking as a girl who had to share a room with her sister for twelve or so years. I was very happy when we moved and I was able to have my own bedroom. BUT...the catch is this... my bedroom is adjacent to Carole's so you have to go through mine to get to hers, which is not too bad. My complaint is this, though. I have no room.

I have had this room for five years, almost six. It's been my room for all my high school years and one junior high year. It's been through a lot with me (lol...)but, I have a full sized bed, two dressers, two night stands, a desk, a jewelry thing and little odds and ends. I think since this coming Fall will mark my second year of not being in school, starting a business and being the big 20!! I should have a change.

Not my wall paper I love my wall paper. It's purple flowers with Thomas Kinkade border. (Not his face, his paintings) lol...But, I am thinking on a twin bed so that will give me more room and maybe only one night stand. I may have to 86 some of my stuffed animals and change a few things to make my room look like an adult is living in it.

If you have any suggestions or any cool, cheap ways for me to change my room around, I am all ears (or in the blog world) all eyes. Even if you have any websites or anything I am really into room decorating right now. I want any help I can get. Thanks!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Tagged again!

Post rules before giving the facts2. Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves3. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.4. At the end of the your blog you need to tag some people and list their names. Leave them a comment on their blog, telling them they have been tagged and not to forget to read your blog.

1.Ginger is only a nickname. My real name is Virginia Sue. I was named after both my grandmothers. Mimi is Sue and my dad's mom was Virginia but she had gone to be with the Lord before I was born.

2. I can't stand chicken. It is disgusting!! The blood, the fat and bones are not appealing to me at all!lol..

3. My eyes are green but when I wear different colors they change. (Green, Grey and blue.)

4.I can't stand the northern winters. I love the summers though. Beaches and flip flops are more fun than sledding and shoveling. Not that I shovel! lol

5. My best friend is a missionary in another country.

6. I can not stand dogs!! I am a cat person.

7. When I was nine I fell off my bunk bed and split my ear open.

8. I went to a private Christian school for the first six years of my school life and then was home schooled till I graduated.

Now it's my turn to tag...





Wednesday, August 1, 2007

It's Carole!!!

Hi, as you can see from the title I am not Ginger. Ginger had writer's block and so I had to rescue her from her dilemma.

Today I was talking to Ginger's best friend Susie and she was telling me how I should write on her blog. I said "I think so too." I asked Susie what I should write about and she was no help at all! She said I should write about Ginger or a rock from our old church parking lot.

I thought you may be totally bored about those two topics. So really, I am not sure what I am going to write about!!

To tell you the truth I am not a writer,or a reader..either of those things...I'd rather take pics or draw,or TALK...I love to talk. I am a big can ask Ginger anytime...I even talk in my sleep, sometimes!!..sad but true.

I am also very clumsy...but that's not a talent or am always falling.....I sprained my ankle 3 times in my life,I have fallen down the stairs hundreds of times. I had the chicken pocks two times in my life. I got a motorcycle burn once by standing too close to a motorcycle when I was nine.I was seeing how high I could kick in the store once and fell right on my butt and bounced right back up...(it was really something to see)...When I was 5 I was dancing on the toilet and fell and split my head on the radiator.So I guess you could say I am very active...and I also speak my can ask anyone that.

I guess you can tell that me and Ginger are very different but we are also very close!!!! Well I am done sooooo....I want every one who reads this to comment on it!!!! LOL....OK?? Really now!!!!!! Well Bye Bye,

Carole,Brown eyes,Carrie,Bub,Caa, ( I forgot to say I have lots of nick names)