Wednesday, August 1, 2007

It's Carole!!!

Hi, as you can see from the title I am not Ginger. Ginger had writer's block and so I had to rescue her from her dilemma.

Today I was talking to Ginger's best friend Susie and she was telling me how I should write on her blog. I said "I think so too." I asked Susie what I should write about and she was no help at all! She said I should write about Ginger or a rock from our old church parking lot.

I thought you may be totally bored about those two topics. So really, I am not sure what I am going to write about!!

To tell you the truth I am not a writer,or a reader..either of those things...I'd rather take pics or draw,or TALK...I love to talk. I am a big can ask Ginger anytime...I even talk in my sleep, sometimes!!..sad but true.

I am also very clumsy...but that's not a talent or am always falling.....I sprained my ankle 3 times in my life,I have fallen down the stairs hundreds of times. I had the chicken pocks two times in my life. I got a motorcycle burn once by standing too close to a motorcycle when I was nine.I was seeing how high I could kick in the store once and fell right on my butt and bounced right back up...(it was really something to see)...When I was 5 I was dancing on the toilet and fell and split my head on the radiator.So I guess you could say I am very active...and I also speak my can ask anyone that.

I guess you can tell that me and Ginger are very different but we are also very close!!!! Well I am done sooooo....I want every one who reads this to comment on it!!!! LOL....OK?? Really now!!!!!! Well Bye Bye,

Carole,Brown eyes,Carrie,Bub,Caa, ( I forgot to say I have lots of nick names)

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Ginger said...

lol....Carole I have to admit I was scared! But you did great. I diddo Mackenzie's comment on my previous post. You need a blog of your own.

Your loving sister,