Friday, August 24, 2007

"Mom, I love you!"

Every month she looks on the wall. She still can’t believe how long he has been gone. She marks that day on the small box and when no one is looking she lets her guard down…

“Mom, I love you.”…goes through her mind.

As tears fill her eyes and her memory goes wild. She can feel him in her arms. She can see him smile. Every feature, every move, every emotion, every mood, her little boy is still alive when she closes her eyes…

“Mom, I love you.” she can hear loud and clear

His wedding day flashes through her mind as his eyes were focused on his precious bride. The joy she saw when he said “Mom, here’s your grandson…” And then again, when he presented her with a granddaughter.

“Mom, I love you.” she clenches at those words

The disease was long and painful but his faith never wavered. Such an inspiration he was and still is to her and the ones who loved him.

“ Mom, I love you.” she cries at the thought

She stands taller and wipes her eyes and thanks God that her son is alive and waiting for her at those gates. One day she will see her son alive again and those words she longs to hear, she will.

“Mom, I love you.”
Written by: Ginger

This is dedicated to my cousin Tommy who went to be with the Lord this past March and my Aunt Carol.


Jessica said...

Wow Ginger!! That is an AMAZING poem!! I cried!!

Morgan said...

Oh Ginger... :sniff:

That was very good! My prayers go out to your aunt Carol as she must miss her son very much.

Suzanne said...

That was really well written. I was just about crying by the time I was done with it, and I don't cry easily.