Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sitting here on the couch.

The excitement, the anticipation, the awe you must be feeling by reading just my title. I am afraid I am being just a tad bit on the sarcastic side. I think I am allowed to do that when I am blogging at midnight. My eyes feel like lead as I try to scrape up something really interesting to blog about.

We were able to go to mid- week service tonight. Our Pastor came and picked us up. We then found out after service that he and his wife are lending us their car for the week, which is so sweet. Hopefully by the time we give them their car back we will have our own car again! I hope!!

I was so surprised that not one but two bloggers commented on my last post. lol...Very encouraging that people like even my most boring post!!lol... I do try!

Oh...I am going back to the christian school, not this Friday, but next. I can't wait. I am so excited between this and my day home, which will be starting soon. Since we now have a car, I plan on putting my brochures out.

I also am hoping we will be able to go shopping soon. I really want to go shopping!! lol

Alright, enough for now. Talk to you later!


Jen said...

Wow, blogging at midnight! I appreciate your dedication! :)
I will be praying for you during this school year. It must be a joy to work with the children.
God bless.

Morgan said...

Hey Ginger!! :D

I loved this post...sarcasm is actually very funny to me, and I find your blog very commical and I like hearing about your life. I hope your week goes well; it sounds like you'll be busy. :D Take care, and I'll be checking back for a new blog entry soon.

Kris said...

Yeah I know how you feel about blogging at midnight... I am really bad at that but it seems like that is the only time I have (or take) to blog!) So school is starting for you too? I leave tomorrow! Yikes I really should be packing!!! blessings

Anonymous said...

Yikes, you guys still don't have a working vehical?! :|

I know ALL about blogging at midnight... :)

(the other) Morgan :)

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say thanks for the sweet link thingy on the sidebar of your blog!! :)


Julie's Jewels said...

I'm sorry I haven't been by lately. I was down physically all week last week. I have a lot of catching up to do on blogs. I have not forsaken you...just couldn't sit at the computer long enough to read all the blogs.