Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It's about time. I know...

I have been very busy this week. I am happy to say, though, I actually have time and can concentrate on my blog right now. Well, my bedroom is starting to shape up... I still have a pile of books here and a big trash bag there. But it's coming together.

My sunburn is not as sore now. I am still red but I do not hear the word "lobster" coming out of my family's mouths as much. that's good anyway. My sister's ears got the most burned they actually blistered and popped. Eww...I know, but that's life. She also is feeling better and can actually talk on the phone again.

Like I have mentioned before, this Saturday my sister and I will be doing another yard sale. My mother has already said she will bathe us in sun block before we leave. LOL...We still have a lot of things we haven't sold yet. Like dolls,toys and other odds and ends. Oh, and of shoes! I got rid of so many and I still had to cram the rest under my bed. What can I say? I love shoes.

I am going to ask all my blogging friends to do something before I end this post. I have three things I would be so thankful if you prayed for. 1. An eighteen year old boy named Charlie who was diagnosed with brain cancer this past May. 2. Our car is down again. Please pray that the car will be fixed all the way or we will be able to get a new car some how. 3. An unspoken request.

Thank you so much for praying.


Jacob said...

Hey, Ginger. I prayed for your three things. --Jacob

Jessica said...

Hey Ginger,

Oh, a Yard Sale!! I wish you lived closer, I would definatly be there. I love yard sales!! :)

Thanks for the comment you left on my Homeschool blog! I hope that it will be a help to people.

Are you going to do Day Care in your home?? If you are do you have to be State Certified where you live?? My mom has a State Certified Day Care. (actually we have had a Day Care in our home for over 5 years now). She is State Certified. I used to work with her full time, now I work with her part time (in the afternoons, after school). It is a LOT of work, but it is a lot of fun too!! I hope you do really well!!

Jen said...

I'm glad that your sunburn is better! :) Btw, I see that you like Southern Gospel - I am the oldest of 10 and my siblings are all crazy about it! They like to sing together.

Thanks for visiting my blog.
God bless you! :)

Suzanne said...

I hope your yard sale goes well. I live in the country, so I have never done a yard sale, but I'm sure I could find enough stuff in our somewhat-cluttered house to have a yard sale! I will be praying for the three things.

Anonymous said...

I love yard-sales!! :)


Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

I'm sorry about your sunburn!! Most of my family got it REALLY bad the other weekend while we were at festival!!
I will remember your 3 things in prayer!!