Saturday, August 4, 2007

The woes of having a small room...

Good evening blogging people,
Here I am at my kitchen table, in my pj's, on my very "cool" laptop thinking about what to blog. It's been a while since I've blogged one of my famous rambling blogs and I thought tonight was as good a night as any to write one.

You need to understand, my room is small! Now, speaking as a girl who had to share a room with her sister for twelve or so years. I was very happy when we moved and I was able to have my own bedroom. BUT...the catch is this... my bedroom is adjacent to Carole's so you have to go through mine to get to hers, which is not too bad. My complaint is this, though. I have no room.

I have had this room for five years, almost six. It's been my room for all my high school years and one junior high year. It's been through a lot with me (lol...)but, I have a full sized bed, two dressers, two night stands, a desk, a jewelry thing and little odds and ends. I think since this coming Fall will mark my second year of not being in school, starting a business and being the big 20!! I should have a change.

Not my wall paper I love my wall paper. It's purple flowers with Thomas Kinkade border. (Not his face, his paintings) lol...But, I am thinking on a twin bed so that will give me more room and maybe only one night stand. I may have to 86 some of my stuffed animals and change a few things to make my room look like an adult is living in it.

If you have any suggestions or any cool, cheap ways for me to change my room around, I am all ears (or in the blog world) all eyes. Even if you have any websites or anything I am really into room decorating right now. I want any help I can get. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Hey if you need a helper to redecorate...Im all yours! LOL...oops I just remembered I have to go to college! LOL..Sorry

haert2home said...

You've gotta start with a THEME, Ginger! Once you've established that...there's just no stopping. Aqua is the new color if you're thinking of going "trendy". I know how hard it is to move on from those stuffed animal friends. I still have quite a few lingering in nooks and crannies. By the way, I was relieved to hear that you didn't have Thomas Kincaide, himself, on your border. That is just creepy.

Mackenzie said...

MOM!!! (haert2home) Aqua is MY new color!!! Hummph! (lol) Well, Ginger, I think you should go simple-chic I mean you're 20 now, so you need a fresh, tailored look. Try simple cut lines, and clean up any clutter, then you'll feel 20. :)