Friday, August 17, 2007

When the wind blows...

The cradle didn't rock but the house sure did. Last night we had a major thunder storm. It looked like a typhoon out there. The sky was as blue as can be at nine at night. The wind was crazy and the trees swung in every direction.

By nine thirty we would see a flash of lightning and some emergency vehicle pass the house. This morning after we woke up we went outside to pick up huge limbs that had fallen off the trees.

Our shed has looked better. A branch must have fallen from a tree and landed on the shed's roof. It's now warped and the doorway is all broken and hanging needless to say I wouldn't recommend anyone standing near it right now, unless you want to loose an eye that is.

The storm lasted a long time and it wasn't till after midnight that it stopped all together.

My dad heard on the radio that a town near by had to be shut down during the storm. No one could come in and no one could go out. I guess we should be thankful we have no car right now or we might have been out during that awful storm.

Like I asked in my last post can you please continue to pray for the three things I mentioned the other night and one more. My older brother called the other night to let us know that his wife's cousin was found dead. He would've been twenty five next month. I ask you to pray for his family as they go through this ordeal.

Thank you again...I think it is so great that through the "blog sphere" we can meet fellow believers from different states and countries and we can lift each other up in prayer. People we never knew existed until we stumbled upon their "blog" and read a post, left a small comment and instantly connected.


Mackenzie said...

Sorry to hear about your shed :( I hope your house is ok. And tell Steven and his wife we're praying for them. Oh, and good luck on your "Unspoken request" whatever it may be ;)

Jessica said...

That is so neat about your Dayhome room!! I would love to see it. Here you can only keep two (per household, not per person) without being Certified.... which is not enough for both of us!! :) So that's why we decided to get Certified. When are you going to start keeping kids?? Do you already have kids lined up?? I could talk about kids and Child Care all day too!! LOL!!

I'm glad to hear that yall are OK after that storm!! I can't stand storms.... I mean, I know Lightning cleans the air, and we need the rain.... but still. :(

Julie's Jewels said...

Wow!! Sounds like y'all got hit pretty hard. We got a bit of a storm but the worst of it stayed just east or just south of us. We sure do need the rain though.

Anonymous said...

We had alot of wind and rain (especially wind) the other night too. Glad you're all okay! :)


Jacob said...

Alright, I'm prayin'.

Peace! --Jacob