Monday, December 29, 2008

Little white shoes..

Shopping in our second hand store, my mom pulled a pair of classic white, high top baby shoes out of a drawer. They were marked seventy five cents. They are adorable. They have little laces and oh they are just so cute and they looked brand new. My mom kept them in her hand and started looking over at the toy section.

At the same time, in the same store, Carole was grabbing these adorable baby dresses that were 10 cents each. She also found other baby clothing all 10 cents and al in excellent condition.

It was funny how many baby things we were finding for great prices. A few weeks ago we found a Boppy for a dollar and a quarter and my mom found a whole crib bedding set for four dollars and it was brand new.....

Three weeks ago Sunday...

"Girls!" Carole and I tossing and turning in bed I looked over at my clock. "Seven O clock!" I hear Carole's groans a mile away. "It's Sunday." She growled. "I know..." I snared "We have another hour of sleep before we need to get ready for church." "GIRLS!" We both knew we don't argue with that tone of voice. We both jumped out of our beds and ran downstairs.

My eyes were still trying to adjust to the cruel lamp light that was shining in my parents room. I rubbed my eyes profusely while I heard Carole's gasp. I looked up and forced my eyes to focus on the object my mom was holding, taking in the fact that my father was taking pictures of us and we had no MAKE UP on. My mom cleared her throat, a little emotion coming into her voice. "We are having Chinese food tonight!" We both cheered! "Here's the menu, order what you want!" "Thanks mom and dad!" We both chorused and skipped back into bed.

LOL do you believe me? Alright I'll go back to the story. "We are having a baby!" "I knew it!" I shouted while I still rubbed my eyes. Even though I knew it, I tried desperately to tamp down the shock that was threatening to show itself on my face. Carole giggled like a school girl. Mom proceeded to tell us that Aaron found out about an hour before we did while I began to announce we needed to buy everything and anything that has a slight resemblence to Winnie The Pooh. (The nursery's theme.)

So, my bloggie peeps I have been wanting to share this news with all of you for a while now. My mom is indeed going to make me a big sister again! It was totally a shock but we are still very happy and thankful to God for this blessing!

So that's why we are buying all of this baby stuff, because we are going to have a baby in the house again after seventeen years!!!!!!

Pictures will soon be coming sometime in August!!!

Friday, December 26, 2008


Mimi holding her great granddaughter Alyvia.

Mimi you once held me in your arms.
You once kissed my bleeding knee
Took a splinter out of my hand more times than I can even count
We watched dolls on the home shopping network every Friday night.
And now my sweet Mimi I am all grown up
But the love we have for each other will only grow as the time goes by.
And I still get all giddy when I get to sleep over "Mimi's house!"

I love you Mimi!! Happy Birthday!! You are the best Grandmother a granddaughter could ever have!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


You Laugh when I laugh...

When I cry there are always tears in your eyes as well...

Your smile is contagious...

You have a knack of making me laugh when I shouldn't...

When we disagree we always make up...

So my sister I wanted to wish you an early happy birthday...

Christmas Carole I hope you have a wonderful 19th birthday tomorrow!

I LOVE you more than you will ever know!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter Wonder Land.

Yes, the snow is falling. In massive amounts!! We have had quite a few things cancelled this past weekend because the snow does not want to stop. So yes, that is why I am blogging on a Sunday morning. Both morning and evening church services have been cancelled. Our yearly Christmas concert at our church was also cancelled. It was quite a disappointment but at least we were safe at home instead of traveling in the blizzard.

Of course I wasn't all too thrilled that the gazillion chicken salad sandwiches I had made for the concert would have to be eaten by every member of my family, including me! Have I mentioned lately how much I love chicken??? Yuck!

This morning Carole had had just about enough of our lack of Christmas spirit! ((Smile)) Yes indeedy, we still had no tree! I don't know about this year... I think Christmas came too soon or something. So, Carole bundled up along with Aaron and my dad and they went tromping out on this cold snowy morning, into our yard and chopped down a Christmas tree! I am not even kidding! LOL It looks quite nice laying down in the middle of the living room drying off! :)

Well, my Christmas shopping is almost done. We were in town all day yesterday. I was very happy when I found the perfect birthday/Christmas gift for Carole. Very happy indeed!

I am just about on my Christmas break. If the snow has stopped I will be going ice skating with the school tomorrow! HUH! LOL...more like standing on the side lines with my camera is more like it! Yes my bloggie people, I have never gone ice skating in my life! But, my students are going so I am sure I will be needed.

Then on Tuesday we will be having our Christmas party. And then....I will be officially on break!! In about two weeks we will be heading down to spend a late Christmas and New Years with our family. I always look forward to that time of year.

Before I end this snowy post I needed to share a "classroom moment." with my bloggie friends...

Me: "So what do you think the wise men saw in the sky?"
Every one of my students: "Abraham!"

Scratching my head.... "I think we might have missed something!"

I know I have been doing terrible at blogging, and lately I have seriously thought about taking a break so you would at least know not to keep on checking for a new post for a while. But I just can't do it yet! I can almost guarantee you will see me back on my blog before Christmas so keep on checking!

But, just in case, I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas!!! And please don't forget the real reason for this season!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Something to Laugh at....

This morning when I was getting ready for work my father had the radio on...

The announcer had been talking about the ice storm and black out from this past week end and how many people STILL have nothing!!

So he mentioned about pipes freezing in your house and said...

"One way to defrost those pipes is to take a blow dryer to it."

My question...."How can you do that when you have no ELECTRICITY??"

Sunday, December 14, 2008

When you don't have it.

I am going to ask you a question. But before I ask you, let me warn you, it's out there, really out there. You may ask after you see my question, "Ginger have you lost it?" I will not answer you (smile) until you answer me.

"About ten o' clock last night, how cold were you?"

Now, I will answer your question "I haven't lost it." However, at two o' clock Friday morning we had lost our electricity,heat,phone and water in our home because of the 2008 ice storm. So, that's why I haven't even been able to pop on blogger and write an "I am so busy" post. For there was no way or means to write it.

So, I decided I could and would, write my story now. At four thirty this morning, I woke up to the sound of my parent's voices and an odd sound that was very unfamiliar to my ears. I listened while one eye tried to peek out of my covers. My arm was still wrapped securely around Carole's waist as my brain finally registered. I heard....

HEAT!! YES, OH YES!!! My ears were not deceiving me. I finally got both of my eyes opened and saw my mom's lamp on. Oh, what a sight to see! ELECTRICITY!!!!

You know, I think I am getting way a head of myself. Lets rewind, shall we?

Friday morning... Tossing, turning....shivering.....Shivering?? I thought, why am I cold? I groped for my covers but only found my sheet. Where's the rest of my comforters? I thought. My eyes were now fully opened and I realized my blankets had all fallen on the ground. I leaned over and grabbed my comforters and wondered what time it was. I looked at my clock. NOTHING! Blank....empty, there were no bright red numbers telling me I slept in on this snow day. Nothing! This isn't good, I thought. Plus I thought, my lips were turning blue because of how cold I felt. I peeked into Carole's room. And...........what I saw scared me to death! I was scared, I was frightened, I was downright thinking I need to run down stairs to use the facility before I lost it!

I looked a little closer thinking...."Where is she?" "It finally happened. She disappeared in this frightening, scary room that needs to be cleaned. (Lets not talk about my room, okay?) Then I saw the glob of comforters move. "Oh wow, she is alive." Phew.... I was relieved.

I tiptoed down stairs where my father shined a flashlight in my eye!! Now we are fast forwarding......a lot of, shivering, sleeping, cover with it's dinner time and still NOTHING is back on.

"What are we going to eat?" Someone asked. Note: We do have a gas stove so we were able to heat water and use the burners. Carole....suggested "How about our frozen dinners?" I answered sweetly, patiently downright annoyed. "Carole how are we going to eat a frozen dinner when we have no microwave??" Mom then let me know we didn't need a microwave....yup our first real attempt to pretend we are the Ingalls family.

So our frozen dinners went into the each frying pan....mmmmm quite a tasty dinner.

Round two of survival weekend. It's seven o clock at night what are we going to do....any guesses?? Aaron pumped the air mattress in my parents room and Carole and I grabbed all our blankets off of both of our beds. Aaron did the same and laid out the couch cushions on the other end of the room. My parents went into there bed and then....we listen to Adventures in Odysseys. For a few hours until we fell asleep.

Round three: Woke up before seven couldn't go back to sleep went into searched for gallons of water got more minutes for my phone charged my phone in the car....went home....

Washing hair time. "Oh, Laura......did you get the pails of water?" "Pa!Pa! Did you heat up the water yet??" Yes if anyone has guessed I am Mary. LOL and yes....well I just let the picture explain for it's self.

Did I mention it was cold?????

Back to the present we have heat, phone,water and yes Carole is at my side deeply wanting me to finish so we can watch a movie before we both have to go to bed (School tomorrow) So...there was my excuse for not blogging this weekend!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The winner is...

Before I announce the winner I need to let you all know I didn't rig this contest. I promise!!! I had my brother pick 5 numbers, I put them into my home made basket (made by a good friend) and....I picked number seven. Number


LOL....I promise you this is a fair contest. I guess Jodi is a great contest winner!!!!

Jodi your package will be sent sometime this week. Just to let you know I missed counted the first time and thought Morgan Denise (her sister) won!! ((Smile)) Sorry Morgan!!

Jodi is one of my dedicated readers. She does not have a blog. However, I get to know her through her sister's blog and she has the two most adorable children!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Give Away!

I know, I know....I have been away from the blogsphere for ever!!! So.......what's better for an apology than to give away free stuff????? Am I getting back into your friendly graces again?? I thought so....

Can you believe Christmas is sooooo soon!!??!!! So, in honor of Christmas I am giving away a Christmas filled basket full of Christmas-y stuff !

So my bloggie people, you may enter as many times as you want. Please post it on your blogs tell everyone you know!!!:)The contest will end on December 10th at eight in the morning!

Merry Christmas!!! Enter....enter....enter...

Monday, December 1, 2008

December First???

How did that happen? Wasn't it just yesterday that I was telling all of you I would be away from home for the whole summer working at a daycare? Didn't I just press "publish" on the post about my first year of teaching? Where did those months go? It's now DECEMBER! Snow is in our yard, Thanksgiving is over, Christmas music is playing everywhere including my bedroom. How did this happen?

Tomorrow I will be changing my bulletin board at school, changing my pumpkins above the chalk board to snow flakes and thinking about Christmas-y crafts to do with my students. I have been so pumped about the Christmas season and being a teacher. But it happened so quickly!!

Thanksgiving was nice. Very small this year, only my aunt and cousin were here other than my family. We went black Friday shopping and woke up at 3:30 in the morning. Yes my bloggie peeps, you read that right! 3:30 in the morning!!! I wasn't all too thrilled about getting up that early to go shopping, but we did. And to tell you the truth, I did find some nice stuff!! I even bought my first two Christmas presents!

I want to type more, but I need to stop for now. Happy First of December!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I am soooooo sorry with a cherry on top!!! I really was going to try to post every day this week!! I really was. I have had a full Thanksgiving week off and have been enjoying myself fully!

However, something came over me... a cleaning streak. ((Shocked faces)) I know, I know but apparently the streak was somewhere within me and finally showed it self to me.

That and my Aunt and cousin should be here any minute and I needed to get my room all ready because this weekend it's the guest room. :)

So besides cleaning...and doing some much needed reading and not blogging I haven't been doing anything extraordinary.

However....however....let me just tell you this there has been a change in weather. Yup...the snow has covered our yard. Wonderful I know!:)

I need to cut this post short busy, busy the company has just arrived!! Soooooooooo.......all my bloggie peeps out there please allow me to wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Devyn!

The first time I met you I fell in love...

And now you love me back...

Happy 2nd birthday my little Devyn doop!! I love,love, LOVE you!!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

You gotta love it...

One of my most favorite times of the day while I am teaching, is story time. The children's faces are still flushed from running as much as they possibly could during recess. Their hair is damp from their own perspiration. Their eyes glimmer while they tell me all that they did. Or more often, what another child did that they didn't like.

I settle them down, send them each to the restroom before we have a calming half hour of coloring while I read. Sometimes I just have them rest their heads on their desks or have them sit on the floor while they look up at colorful pictures and laugh at my antics while I read.

It gives me a refreshing start to the afternoon. After being warn out over our morning routine, having lunch and thinking that small break during recess always seems to fly every time.

I love watching their faces as they try to put themselves in the shoes of the character I am reading about. I watch as their eyes catch mine when I laugh, myself, over Marc Brown's or another children's author's creative way of writing.

So, yesterday was no different. They all had coloring pages they needed to finish so they automatically sat down after their restroom break and got to it. I read a Thanksgiving book and then I had a request for a Dr. Seuss book.

After looking through a couple of books, I decided on one that looked fun. I sat on my stool and started....Fox, Socks, Box, Knox. Knox in box.Fox in socks. Knox on fox, in socks in box.Socks on Knox and Knox in box.Fox in socks on box on Knox. Ya, I could tell right there this was going to be fun.

Half way through the book when I thought I have never been so tongue tied, a little blond boy with eyes as big as quarters and green as emeralds showed me his prize winning smile and looked up into my eyes. "Miss_________ you always make me laugh so much. You are like a big birthday cake for the whole school!"

Let me ask you this. What is cuter than that???? I am a birthday cake! *Smile*

Monday, November 17, 2008

911 vs. Dial up

What can I say? *Smirk* When my younger sister is around there is never a dull moment...

This afternoon after school was over for Carole and Aaron, Carole decided to go on the Internet. Well, we are one of the very few families left that still have dial up. So, she took the phone cord out of my cordless phone next to my desk in my room and placed it into my laptop.

The dial tone went through the speakers loud and clear while she waited patiently at my desk. The noise that is famous for dial up was now being heard. (You know... I know it has been a while. It sounds like a cross between a fire alarm and a door bell gone bad.) All of a sudden in mid grinding the noise stopped. In it's place she heard a women's voice through the speakers. "911, what's your emergency?" Carole whipped her head over at my myself and mom who was looking over a craft I am doing tomorrow for school. "Did you hear that?" She asked with a puzzled look on her face. She took out the phone cord and we waited to see if they would call back. They didn't.

So, a little while later she went back on only to be kicked off by my father calling the house. While my mom talked to him she got a beep that signals call waiting. We have a system that if we don't answer the call while we are on the phone, the answering machines will pick it up. So my mom kept on talking. When she got off the phone, Carole checked the machine.

"Mom it was 911!" About 40 minutes after all this began, the dispatcher asked us to call back because they received a hang up from our house!! So, Carole called back. " called my house. I am sorry. Some how when I was getting on the Internet..." She told the dispatcher her story and then I heard her giving the dispatcher our address.

I am standing in the kitchen thinking "Okay Carole, you told her our story, you apologized, you laughed, you listened, she must understand your plight. Why are you giving her our home address?" The next thing I know she hangs up the phone and Carole looks up at my mom and myself. "They have sent a squad car our way just to make sure we are okay."

Carole gives us her prize winning smile and says "Ohhhhh, I have to go brush my hair..." Ahhh ya, just in case the cop was

LOL! I couldn't believe it! After all, Carole explained everything but they were still sending a cop.

The policeman showed up in his squad car lights and all. I saw the blue lights illuminating the windows. And said "Ohhhh Mom, he's here! And he has his lights on!" Can you tell I thought this was quite humorous?? LOL However, my mom didn't understand my laughter.

Carole opened the door and started rambling. (To us she appeared nervous, slightly embarrassed, maybe a little awe struck over his good looks.) LOL.....I am just kidding. I didn't even see her feet were standing one on top of the other, her hands squirmed. The cop listened intently, nodding his head and comforted Carole saying "That's fine. It happens."

But the man wasn't leaving. He just stood there and smiled. Carole was now getting nervous. My mom came behind Carole. "Are you two the only ones in the house?" My mom smiled politely "My son and other daughter are also here." He looked at her strangely (Everyone thinks our mother is our sister) and said "Okay, well you have a good night."

My take on this story... "The cop didn't believe a word and is staking out our house as I type.:) When the swat team comes I'll be sure to let you know. :) And this is why we need wireless!! Dad are you reading this??:)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The wave

Many years ago a nine year old girl stood in denial...
Her Papa,one of her bestest friends was going to die...
Mommy said we would see him again but that didn't take away the ache inside of her heart....
She watched as he grew weaker. She refused to go in his room...
That wasn't her Papa in there, she thought...
One day she sat in the kitchen and watched the hands on the clock go by, wishing she could go home...
Something she had never wished before when she was at her grandparents house....
Her Mimi had come into the room and looked her in the eye...
"Ginger, he is going to die."
"Please come in with me and tell Papa you love him"...
Scared to death, she went into the room that held so many memories...
And came to a stop...
His dark hair was combed back. His eyes were looking down...
Tightly she held Mimi's hand while she cleared her throat...
"Good bye Papa...I love you!"
He hadn't said a word to anyone for many, many hours...he wasn't long for this world and he knew it....

But hearing his granddaughter's voice...he lifted up his hand and he waved to me...
A day later.... twelve years ago today he walked through Heavens gates cancer free...I will see you again, papa!!!

Here's my tribute to him from last year.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Don't have a heart attack!!! bloggie peeps, I am blogging again the third time in one week. If you need some oxygen just step outside take a deep breath, count to three, sing the itsy bitsy spider, make an origami cat...

Now come back to your computer screen, sit down maybe take one more deep breath and then read on. You are not loosing you marbles, you are not seeing things. Yes indeedy, I have posted... and here all in one week. Frankly, I am proud!

How was your Veterans day, bloggie peeps? I was surprised last week, with a notice on my desk, telling me I had today off. So what did I do, you may ask? Well, first I woke up at the crack of dawn before the sun came up. I put on my clothes, my sneakers took a nice long run. I then came back home and made breakfast for the whole family. I then took a shower and wrote a whole months worth of lesson plans. I then stomped up stairs and tackled my bed room until it looked cleaner than anything!

*Clearing of the throat.* maybe I didn't do that much. *Cheeks turning pink.* Well....okay so maybe I didn't do of it! But at least I am blogging. So that is a plus anyhow. *Smirk*

Well, I decided to shock everyone of my bloggie people with another post. Maybe just maybe you will see another one tomorrow. What da ya think??? Can I do it?? We will see...we will see... Until that shocking moment where you may need a cool glass of water or a pinch on your arm just to make sure you're not dreaming. Have a great night!

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Give Away!

Mrs. H over at Birthday Cake For Breakfast. Is having a great give away. My mom actually made the things she is giving away. Let me tell ya they are plainly go check it out!

Birthday Cake for Breakfast

And so the story goes....

I know this post is a little late, but I didn't want all of you to be so disappointed. So I decided better late than never.

My sister and I voted for the first time this past Tuesday. The excitement and anticipation, the knowledge that my little vote could make a difference was a wonderful thing. I let my students get in on the excitement right before Bible at the beginning of the day.

A little girl looked me straight in the eye and said "I hope you are voting for Senator John McCain." Who said children weren't smart?? Too bad she wasn't old enough to vote!

Well, after school I went home and a little while later jumped in the car with my sister and parents and went the short distance to vote.

We were giddy as two sisters going to the circus for the first time. We got in, registered and then the moment we were all waiting for, we were getting our ballots.

The women asked us "Would you like to state your party?" Carole and I looked at each other. "Did she just ask us to go to a party?" Our eyes were saying to each other. "Republican....Demo..." Our mouths made silent "Oh's" "OH....WE ARE REPUBLICANS!!!" We nearly screamed at the poor women. She smiled sweetly and wrote it down. Next the ballots landed in our hands and my sister and I smiled at each other and made our way to the booths.

Stopping many times so dad could take a picture of each step of our voting! lol(Hey, I guess this means I am still a dedicated blogger if we had our father following us with a camera.) lol

When I stepped into the booth I knew this was a day with a story I could tell to my children and grandchildren. I can share my excitement, the joy I felt doing my part for my country. The giddiness I felt as Carole loudly whispered to me through the other booth and thinking we may be kicked out of the place.

When I had my "I voted" sticker on later in the night while I surfed on the Internet, keeping up with the election, going on yahoo news and going down stairs from time to time asking my dad how it was going on the television. It was exciting to know I helped even though the end results...well we all know how they turned out.

But, I hope you know God is in control and we shouldn't worry!

Tell me was this your first time voting, or your tenth time? How did it go?

Yes this HUGE gap annoys me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not sure why there is such a huge gap!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Please don't put me in the bloggie jail yet....

I have been working on my "I Voted"post. However, it's taking a little bit longer than I first thought! I have no idea why it takes me so long to write a post these days the only thing I can think of is that I just can't find the time!

This weekend we came down to visit my Mimi and other family members and friends. We had a great time and we went to a big Christian book sale. I am very happy to report I found some very good deals and will enjoy listening to my new music on the way home.

I promise you I am going to try to post my big voting post tomorrow! Please stick around a minute say hi tell me how your Sunday was! lol....Posting will be soon!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Don't forget to vote tomorrow...

...and pray for our Country.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I think we look alike!

I thought a picture of my niece Alyvia was needed on my blog! It's been a while.:)

Friday, October 31, 2008

The Last day Of October.

Hi all, do you remember me?

Is there any possible way my fingers can type so fast to tell all of my bloggie peeps what this month has entailed for me? I don't even think I deserve the name "blogger" any more. I have neglected this blog so much lately.

If only my brain had a publish button. I come up with all these great posts inside my mind, but just never type them down. I remember my Mimi (grandmother) would say to me as a little girl, "I write so many letters to people in my head but never on a piece of paper." Well, Mimi I know exactly what you mean now!

I try to make a schedule, have everything in a place in my very neat brain. I have my blog around the top of my list and my Facebook in between, my bedroom at the bottom. ((Smirk)) Oh, yes, it is in need of some major cleaning. My school, of course has to be on the top and then I make room for talking to family and friends on the net and phone. Of course, then there is my life which always pushes it's way on top and of course my Lord and Savior is at the very top of the list. But sometimes other things go even above Him....and that is when I need to STOP!

I have never forgotten a Sunday School lesson taught by one of my favorite Sunday School teachers, years ago. She had all these books, school books, novels, cook books all of these books in her hands. At the bottom of the pile of books she was balancing the Bible. It was the very last book being squished by the other ones.

She explained that many times in life that is what we do. We have,school, work, and all sorts of other obligations and our precious Savior gets squished at the bottom, totally forgotten. I can honestly say I have been guilty of that very thing. So that is when I need to stop, reorganize those books until Christ is at the top again.

So besides my blogging dilemma I have been meaning to mention voting. (A hush comes through the blogasphere) lol... I have been getting many emails saying not to vote for either candidate and other stuff. I fully understand where all these emails are coming from, however the bottom line is this, one of the two candidates are going to win.

Even if you vote for the man on the moon he will most likely loose!:) It all comes down to this who would you rather have in office, Mr. McCain or Mr. Obama? This is my very first time to be able to vote and I am taking this very seriously.

Sure, I wanted Mr. Huckabee to win but he didn't. Maybe other candidates could have done better, maybe others mimic more what I believe. However, if Mr. McCain doesn't win then we'll have someone in office who believes in aborting babies (which is murder) who believes in same sex marriage (which is an abomination to the Lord) and other things I am not even going to go into. I did not mean to turn this post into a whole political debate and yes I may be opening my comment box for doom.

But I needed to get that out in the open.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Apple picking pictures!

I am sorry about how long it has been since I have written a real post. I promise one is coming soon! I thought you would enjoy some apple picking pictures. We took my nephew, Patrick when he was with us for a week.

Patrick took this one of himself! I just thought this picture was so funny for some reason! I just had to post it!

Have a great day tomorrow!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dear Friend...

Almost two years ago this spring, I found your blog. Being new at this bloggie thing I decided to stick around. Reading each post and smiling a lot. I decided I really liked it a lot. So I pressed comment and wrote a desperate cry. Help me!! I have no idea what to do with this blog that I decided to create! Your helpful hints and simple comment made my day.

Today however, I feel like I have known you forever even though I have never met you before in person. But through this bloggie world we are a part of, I am happy to say you are a friend!

Congratulations Courtney and Christopher!!! I know the wedding must have been wonderful and my prayers,thoughts and wishful thinking that I was there went through my mind all day!!

If anyone hasn't been on Courtney's blog yet, check it out. You will be glad you did!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A neat tag.

I really do appreciate everyone who tags me. I know some people get annoyed when they are tagged but I am honored. However, sometimes I just don't get around to doing them. Please don't take offence to it I truly am honored you think of me I just don't have as much time I used too.

However sometimes I have a minute or two in the day to accomplish a tag and such is the reason I am doing this tag right now! It also helps that I haven't done this tag before and I for one think it's totally cute.

Just grab the nearest book to you...turn to page 56. Start at the 5th sentence and post 2 to 5 paragraphs. Okay so I have a about a million books just at my reach all over my bedroom so I grabbed one randomly. Although I happen to enjoy this book yes you guessed it Lori Wick...

"Do you have to work?" Laura asked Liberty the next day. Bible study had just ended. "Yes.Griffen and I have to check on something." "Can you give Griff a hug for me?" "I certainly can. Is there some special reason?" Laura only shook her head,not seeming in no hurry to leave her sister's lap. Their mother was sitting beside Liberty, and the younger women decided to question her if she had a chance. the opportunity came a few minutes later. Their hostess, Mrs. Caron, offered cookies to the children, and Laura, looking only mildly, interested, left her sister's lap.

Don't you want to know what happens?? Read the book! I strongly suggest it. This was taken from "Every Little Thing About You."

I tag...
Morgan Denise
Megan (Goldfish)

Have fun!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


*Hands on my hips* Apparently my picture post of my weekend was a total flop. Usually people are happy,pleased, excited, giddy until they topple over a chair that I posted some pictures. But this post, NOTHING, no comments, no smiles, no "so cute!" I am VERY displeased! I received one comment!!! So Susie, you are now my all time favorite blogger!!

LOL...okay after I grumped and yes all bloggie peeps, I WAS kidding. I am also guilty of viewing and reading a post but not commenting. So I will let this one slide this ONE time. Alright? *SMILE*

I did have a wonderful time with my family. Getting to see that adorable niece of mine and my adorable nephews was music to my heart. And the neato part about the end of the weekend was that we got to bring back my cutie pattotie nephew. Patrick for the week. What a doll he is! LOL he is hysterical. I can't believe how much he has grown. He is really a big boy now!

Also this past weekend something happened that has never happened to me before. I met my very first blogger that I did not know before I stumbled on her blog. So...she may be related to someone I do know but that is not the point. I met her through her blog. So when I ran into her at the mall and she recognized me right away, let me tell ya that was a proud moment! :) Nice meeting you Susie!!

Well, once again my brother is turning older. This Friday will mark his seventeenth birthday. My little Arnie is growing up...sniff...sniff. He is having a football party he is getting very excited. It's crazy how time flies. It feel like I was just posting his birthday pictures from last year on here.

This weekend I caught a cold while I was at my grandmothers! SIGH....I am not all to thrilled about that. I have been coughing,sneezing....coughing some more. YUCK! I hate being sick.

Since I have just been hop scotching all over this post and have no real one subject I am talking about, hence my title, I will confess something to all my bloggie peeps...

I am a strict believer of not listening to Christmas music before December 1st, not a day earlier. Well...for some odd, strange reason I can hardly believe I am typing this I have already started. Not full time or anything, but once in a while I will pop in a CD. Craziness I know!

What??? I said I was getting into Christmas!!!!LOL

Well, this random post is coming to an end and I won't demand comments nope...nope I wouldn't do that. However, lets just see how long it will take me to write another post if I don't have any "thanks for posting" comments! See if that will teach you! LOL Just kidding!! :)

Side note: After I posted my complaints I saw another comment so I could not leave it un noticed. Thank you Jodi! LOL

One more thing I have no idea why there is such a huge gap between the end of my post and my comment button. No idea at all! lol... Anyhow have a great night!!:)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Weekend!

We were able to visit our family this weekend!!!

Aaron and Devyn poor Devyn hurt his head at the playground.

Dad and Devyn

Carole and Patrick in the car!

Us at Build a Bear.

Alyvia is getting so big!! What an adorable niece I have!!!
Carole and Alyvia.
Alyvia and I.

Mom and Alyvia!!

Devyn and I.

Patrick holding my nose while I was talking to him. lol

Isn't she adorable???

Alyvia's nursery my mom painted this mural and my aunt did Cinderella.