Sunday, December 14, 2008

When you don't have it.

I am going to ask you a question. But before I ask you, let me warn you, it's out there, really out there. You may ask after you see my question, "Ginger have you lost it?" I will not answer you (smile) until you answer me.

"About ten o' clock last night, how cold were you?"

Now, I will answer your question "I haven't lost it." However, at two o' clock Friday morning we had lost our electricity,heat,phone and water in our home because of the 2008 ice storm. So, that's why I haven't even been able to pop on blogger and write an "I am so busy" post. For there was no way or means to write it.

So, I decided I could and would, write my story now. At four thirty this morning, I woke up to the sound of my parent's voices and an odd sound that was very unfamiliar to my ears. I listened while one eye tried to peek out of my covers. My arm was still wrapped securely around Carole's waist as my brain finally registered. I heard....

HEAT!! YES, OH YES!!! My ears were not deceiving me. I finally got both of my eyes opened and saw my mom's lamp on. Oh, what a sight to see! ELECTRICITY!!!!

You know, I think I am getting way a head of myself. Lets rewind, shall we?

Friday morning... Tossing, turning....shivering.....Shivering?? I thought, why am I cold? I groped for my covers but only found my sheet. Where's the rest of my comforters? I thought. My eyes were now fully opened and I realized my blankets had all fallen on the ground. I leaned over and grabbed my comforters and wondered what time it was. I looked at my clock. NOTHING! Blank....empty, there were no bright red numbers telling me I slept in on this snow day. Nothing! This isn't good, I thought. Plus I thought, my lips were turning blue because of how cold I felt. I peeked into Carole's room. And...........what I saw scared me to death! I was scared, I was frightened, I was downright thinking I need to run down stairs to use the facility before I lost it!

I looked a little closer thinking...."Where is she?" "It finally happened. She disappeared in this frightening, scary room that needs to be cleaned. (Lets not talk about my room, okay?) Then I saw the glob of comforters move. "Oh wow, she is alive." Phew.... I was relieved.

I tiptoed down stairs where my father shined a flashlight in my eye!! Now we are fast forwarding......a lot of, shivering, sleeping, cover with it's dinner time and still NOTHING is back on.

"What are we going to eat?" Someone asked. Note: We do have a gas stove so we were able to heat water and use the burners. Carole....suggested "How about our frozen dinners?" I answered sweetly, patiently downright annoyed. "Carole how are we going to eat a frozen dinner when we have no microwave??" Mom then let me know we didn't need a microwave....yup our first real attempt to pretend we are the Ingalls family.

So our frozen dinners went into the each frying pan....mmmmm quite a tasty dinner.

Round two of survival weekend. It's seven o clock at night what are we going to do....any guesses?? Aaron pumped the air mattress in my parents room and Carole and I grabbed all our blankets off of both of our beds. Aaron did the same and laid out the couch cushions on the other end of the room. My parents went into there bed and then....we listen to Adventures in Odysseys. For a few hours until we fell asleep.

Round three: Woke up before seven couldn't go back to sleep went into searched for gallons of water got more minutes for my phone charged my phone in the car....went home....

Washing hair time. "Oh, Laura......did you get the pails of water?" "Pa!Pa! Did you heat up the water yet??" Yes if anyone has guessed I am Mary. LOL and yes....well I just let the picture explain for it's self.

Did I mention it was cold?????

Back to the present we have heat, phone,water and yes Carole is at my side deeply wanting me to finish so we can watch a movie before we both have to go to bed (School tomorrow) So...there was my excuse for not blogging this weekend!


Susie Homemaker said...

I'm glsd you are all safe, sound and warm...


Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like you had quite an adventure!!! :O That picture of your brother with his breath showing makes me cold just looking at it!! Glad it's nice and warm at your house again!!!

And I think I would've skipped washing my hair... :)


Anonymous said...

makes me want to buy all of you slippers & scarves for Christmas!!!

♥ Aunt Barb

Jodi said...

Ahhh ... i just wrote a a whole big comment and then lost it! :P

Brrrrr ... you have me freezing half to death just reading your post! I cannot fathom having to wash your hair when its cold enough to see your breathe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P And no blow-drier! :P You are one brave girl ... or one crazy girl! lol :) :) Glad you are nice and warm again ... have a great week!