Saturday, October 18, 2008

A neat tag.

I really do appreciate everyone who tags me. I know some people get annoyed when they are tagged but I am honored. However, sometimes I just don't get around to doing them. Please don't take offence to it I truly am honored you think of me I just don't have as much time I used too.

However sometimes I have a minute or two in the day to accomplish a tag and such is the reason I am doing this tag right now! It also helps that I haven't done this tag before and I for one think it's totally cute.

Just grab the nearest book to you...turn to page 56. Start at the 5th sentence and post 2 to 5 paragraphs. Okay so I have a about a million books just at my reach all over my bedroom so I grabbed one randomly. Although I happen to enjoy this book yes you guessed it Lori Wick...

"Do you have to work?" Laura asked Liberty the next day. Bible study had just ended. "Yes.Griffen and I have to check on something." "Can you give Griff a hug for me?" "I certainly can. Is there some special reason?" Laura only shook her head,not seeming in no hurry to leave her sister's lap. Their mother was sitting beside Liberty, and the younger women decided to question her if she had a chance. the opportunity came a few minutes later. Their hostess, Mrs. Caron, offered cookies to the children, and Laura, looking only mildly, interested, left her sister's lap.

Don't you want to know what happens?? Read the book! I strongly suggest it. This was taken from "Every Little Thing About You."

I tag...
Morgan Denise
Megan (Goldfish)

Have fun!

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Kendall said...

GASP! I love that book!! Now I have to go read it again because you have reminded me of it...