Saturday, November 17, 2007

11 years ago yesterday...

My grandfather entered Heavens gates. Sometimes I can't believe how many years ago it was. I was sitting in my home church on an ugly oranage carpeted pew next to my sister Carole. We were watching our Pastor preach, talking about my Papa, seeing the large brown coffin and wondering what Papa was doing that momnet in Heaven.

He lost his battle with Cancer six weeks after he was diagnosed. On November 16th a nine year old little girl lost one of her bestest friends. Although, I knew one day I was going to see him again.

Some days I miss him, which is kind of strange because he has been gone from this earth for so long and I was so young when he went home to be with Jesus. But on the day of my graduation I saw my Mimi sitting in the back pew with my great Aunt and I thought if Papa was alive he would probably have been behind her on the camcorder instead of my older brother.

I imagine if he were still alive, he would be surprising me by coming up on the weekend and picking me up from the school I work at. I imagine him taking me to the malls with my sister or traveling far and wide to see one of my favorite Southern Gospel groups. Instead I can only imagine seeing him again, walking on those golden streets and seeing him hunker down. In my heart I will be nine again, running into his arms with my long braid whipping me in the face.

On November 16th I always think of my Papa. Although, four years ago this day also became a memorable day for one of my dearest friends as well. Mackenzie lost her Oma (Grandmother) the same day. So this day, of all days, I know of two young girls at heart who are thinking of their very special grandparent in Heaven. One day we will both be able to see them again!


Jessica said...

How sad... It's good to know that you will see him again one day though!! :)

Tiffany said...

You will see him again! My girls lost a grandfather to cancer this past January, about 2 months after being diagnosed, on Grace's birthday. It was a very sad day.

Anonymous said...

I lost my grandfather when I was 15. It was the week of Thanksgiving. He was the most wonderful man I had ever known. Someday I will see him again, too.

We are very blessed to have the memory of a grandparent who loved us and of one that we dearly loved.

Wishing you more fond memories to hold close to your heart.

Mackenzie said...

Oma and Papa will be forever remembered.

Julie's Jewels said...

What a wonderful tribute to your grandfather. Praise the Lord there will be a reunion day coming!!