Monday, November 5, 2007

Yes, yes it is midnight again!

Here I am again, at my computer, writing a post at midnight! I have a good excuse though, for being up so late. We have a revival going on at our two
sister churches so we went to the service tonight.

We have heard this evangelist before and he preached a great message. It was great seeing different people we don't get to see often and a lot of the kids from school.

One of the second graders was sitting in front of me and kept on looking at me. I thought it was so cute. She also had her eye on my sister who she had only seen a picture of , so I think she thought that was pretty neat also.

We also went to Wal-mart afterwards which kept us out even later. I was so tired by the time we headed into the store. Us "kids" didn't even venture around the store like we usually do 'cause we just wanted to hurry up and get home.

I am running out of things to blog about really fast. I am getting more tired every second that is passing by.

I just wanted to stop by and write a quick post. Oh and for the people who were wondering were I got this new layout. This is the link.

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