Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Liked I promised:)

Okay, just to let you all know, when I posted earlier I had no idea I was actually going to have chicken for dinner. Here's the gruesome story.

Earlier this afternoon when my mom read my newest post, she laughed (that wonderful motherly laugh. The same motherly laugh I received when I was six and was told I would be recieving a shot instead of my sister that day at the doctor's office. *Hardy laugh* "Isn't that funny sweetie? The office made a mistake!" Oh yeah, I enjoyed the humor and laughed along! Yes, if anyone is wondering I am being sarcastic...) Okay, moving on..."Hey did you know we were having chicken tonight?" I groaned "Ummm no." "Oh, well, we are!" "Oh goodie." I said with my most prettiest smile.

Lets pause for a moment. If anyone was wondering, I was not chased by a rabid chicken when I was younger, neither had I watched one being brutally murdered by a butcher. And no, I have never had chicken jammed up my nose. Although corn, I have. (I was one and a half, like I knew better.....) But I like corn...hmmm go figure! I have just never enjoyed eating meat that you can still see veins and blood or skin!! EWWW!!! A little fact, my sister Carole enjoys chicken skin. Isn't that the grosses thing you have ever heard??

Yes, I am getting off the subject again. So at dinner time I was on the phone with Mimi (My grandmother) and the chicken came out of the slow cooker...well it didn't exactly walk out or I really would have been freaked. My mom took it out and piece by piece it was being dished out. I was trying to put my full attention on my conversation and not dare let my eyes fall on the poultry that was laying on my plate.

Sadly, I was off the phone just in time to eat. I sat down and after grace was said, it was time to dig in (or in my case "pick and choose.") Don't want the skin... okay, I'll have this little meat here, eww eww I just touched fat. Okay, is that meat or is it a very clever, deceitful looking piece of cartilage...Ewww.

Well, I certainly made it through the meal, surprisingly, without gagging or having my father tell his twenty year old daughter to get more meat off that bone. So I survived although, I am afraid I heard my mom say to my dad...."We have plenty of chicken for tomorrow night..." *Sigh*

For those of you who hadn't read my last post, I have decided my blog is just not all that interesting. So I am going to try my best to install new material in this blog of mine and update a tad bit more.


Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

So, you don't like chicken, huh????
*sigh* You would never do in the south!!!! :)

Tiffany said...

I love chicken!! But only the white meat. I have a thing about eating dark meat. Yuck.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha!! That is SO funny!! (And I'm a chicken girl myself--eat it all the time!)