Monday, July 30, 2007

I have been tagged!

I just found out I was tagged a few days ago and I didn't see it. This is new for me so I hope I do okay. I am supposed to write five things about why I love God.

1. I love God because he saw me and instead of turning his head, he sent his only son Jesus to die on the cross for me.

2. When I'm alone in the dark, when there is no one else there and I need a warm embrace, I feel His arms around me.

3. When fear is the worst enemy I could think of, at a moment's notice,I think of God's word. Psalms 56:3

4. The unknown can be a scary thing. But, when I just put my trust in God the fear just disappears.

5.John 3:16

I tag

Okay, I hope I did the links right. I am still learning!

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Mackenzie said...

Hi Carole!! You should have your own blog, you're a very interesting person! People would love to read about you!! Good Blogging!!