Saturday, July 21, 2007

Still here........(sigh)

Hello AGAIN!!! Ginger is still on the CPU mend. She says she doesn' t think its' the battery, but something to do within the computer. Like the memory, a gear or some sort of CPU term. She is really dying that she can't have ANY computer and that she can't blog!! :O When we go and visit her and her family my dad will take a look at it and see if he can fix it. Hmmmmm..............Oh I talked to her sister, Carole, last night. And we saying how we can't wait to see each other and then we talked about old times. Carole was the dolls-barbies-tea party friend and Aaron (her brother) was the outside-get dirty-animal-playing friend. Carole and I would always fight about who would play Pocahontas, whenever we got together. Pocahontas was our FAVORITE movie when we were little (ok, ok, it still is:) and if you have seen my picture on my blog ( ) you can see that I have darker skin and hair color than she does. Well I thought, for that reason, I was more like Pocahontas than she was. So she would always end up playing Nacoma, Pocahontas' best friend. I also thought I was related to Pocahontas because my middle name is Cheyenne, like the Cheyenne Tribe. LOL I know, I know, but hey I was 6!! And then Aaron and I would go outside and play lions, tigers, bears (oh my:) and all sorts of animals. But it was mostly either, Simba and Nala (from The Lion King) or Simba and Kiara (from The Lion King II: Simba's Pride) Good times, good times. Oooh, I'm getting good at this babbling thing huh? Well, I guess I'll sign off (isn't that what Ginger always says?) Bye!

Ginger's friend,


Anonymous said...

Tell Ginger we miss her! :) Hope she gets her computer fixed real soon!


Julie's Jewels said...

Please tell Ginger we miss her. I hope she is back online soon. I know I would go nuts if I couldnt' have my computer. In fact...mine is being worked cause I blew my power source. Thankfully we are able to use my sons hooked up in the meantime.