Saturday, February 20, 2010


I don't know what is worse teething, going to the hospital because of teething, fever, and upset stomach or having your first DOUBLE ear infection.

My poor sweet brother tugging on his ear. Bottle, teething drops, warm blankets, favorite stuff animals, board books even the soothing sound of small children singing Bible songs could not calm his weary self.
Yesterday morning my parents brought him to the doctors where they announced he was experiencing his first DOUBLE ear infection.
His little being snuggling in my arms as I try my best to get a little smile out of him. I feel like I have won a race when he looks at me with his little sick eyes and moves his head into my shoulder (Like he is pretending to be shy) and breaks out with a HUGE smile!
He is feeling better today being on his medicine. His ears doesn't seem to be bothering him as much and he is more being himself.
But when there are days like yesterday where I play groups on my mp3 speakers, like the Down East Boys, Dixie Melody Boys and Ernie Haase while my sweet sick baby brother is snuggled on my shoulder (totally calmed by the music) as I rock him in the rocking chair.
NOTHING my friend can compare. Nothing. Even when he is sick he is the sweetest baby!
Can you tell this big sister is proud??
Have a wonderful Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Aww love that picture!! (And totally sweet post! :)) Poor little guy! Hope he's much better by tomorrow!


You're doing VERY WELL updating your blog so often! ;)

Anonymous said...

Every picture I think he juat can't get any cuter, but every single picture you post, he does! He is just sooo adorable!!! He's had a rough time! Hope he's better soon!