Sunday, August 10, 2008

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Ashleigh's Husband is home!!!!!!!!

Daddy's Home!
Sitting on a hard plastic chair a three-year-old little boy waited.Watching his mother scan the airport he decided to do the same.Looking at his “Army” clothes he fiddled with his hands.Hours passed while his deep blue eyes watched as soldiers walked by.

Kicking his legs against his seat he stopped in a halt as he watchedhis mother come to her feet. Her hands started to tremble as she grabbed his small hand.Slowly they passed by people talking, laughing, crying and yelling.Passed the hugging, the hand shaking and holding.All of a sudden the little boy couldn’t hear a thing.

His face was wet but he wasn’t sure why as he held tighter to his mother’s soft hand.Then in a distance he saw him. He paused and looked up at his mother’s pretty face that matched his own. Tears streaming down, she called to his daddy.His dad stopped like he was having a dream. His dark, serious face stared at his mother.

Then like somebody had turned on the light, his face became a smile. He ran like there was no tomorrow and then stopped.He lifted the little boy’s mommy up. He watched as both his parents laughed with delight.A moment the small boy would never forget, his daddy looked at him, he slowly let go of his wife and hunkered down to face his son eye to eye.

“Daddy, I love you!” The small boy whispered while the man scooped him up and vowed he would never let him go.

Written by: Ginger

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