Friday, August 22, 2008

Catching up!

Yes...*Cringe* I have done it again!! Me and my lack of blogging I tell ya! I decided I would catch you up tonight. Phew...I have been very busy getting my classroom all set up. Today was the last day I will be at the school until the big day the first day of school!! EEEKKK!!!! So excited!!

Here are my adorable nephews at a theme park last Saturday afternoon. We had a blast after the four hours of pouring rain that is.:)
Here we are in the car. Isn't Devyn just the most adorable toddler you ever did see????Devyn and I on the carousel can we say wet???
Partrick and Carole waiting for the pirate ship.
Devyn: okay come on lets all say it together CUTIE!!!!
My mom and I working on my bulletin board in my classroom!!!
Is this my room??Really???MY CLASS ROOM!!!???!!!

Yes, when I saw my classroom door with my name on it I almost jumped with glee. I am so happy!! Can you tell???

Yes, I am home well okay not "home" right this moment my family and I away right now but we will be back "home" soon. I am so glad I am home now. I missed it sooooooo much!!!:)

I hope everyone enjoyed my catching up post!!:)


Mrs. H said...

sniff. sob. sniff. sniff. weep. sniff. sob. sob. sniff.

Mackenzie said...

This is so weird! I actually agree with mom!! It seems like just yesterday, you, Carole and I were packing our diaper bags, grabbing our babies and heading the to 'the store'. Good times. Good times.

Anonymous said...

Hope your first day goes wonderfully, today!!

And your nephews are so cute!!! Yay for all of the pictures!! :)


Anonymous said...

So sorry for not commenting in a long time! I wanted to stop by and let you know I'm so happy for you and your new teaching position - this is so exciting!!

Love the pictures!

God bless,