Friday, March 28, 2008

Well, whatdaya know!

I was right! I so diligently got my outfit picked out and ironed, made my lunch, didn't exactly get to bed early but that doesn't count. What happens?? It snowed! Yup...a snow day a few days before the first day of April.

Oh well, I did enjoy sleeping in a little, having a nice bowl of Peanut Butter Crunch and then getting my laptop and surfing randomly on the net. I now just finished the lunch I'd packed for myself and just polished off a fresh tangerine.Mmmmm...that was quite refreshing.

If I don't directly look out the window and forget that I have my slippers on and could use some gloves, I can almost smell the flowers...see the sun shinning...feel the cool waters on my toes. Wait a minute that's ice. Oh man!!! Now I have frost bite! Oh wait, I am still in my kitchen with my slippers. Phew!

Okay, so on to more important, exciting news. I know you all can't stand the suspense! Remember a couple of days ago I posted a contest that was on Morgan Denise's blog?? Guess what??? I was one of two, who won!! Yup...isn't that cool!! Thank you again, Morgan Denise!!

My mom is still sounding like a trained seal, the poor thing. So I need to cheer her up by watching a movie with her. Yes, I know what you are thinking, what a wonderful daughter she is holding off on cleaning her room on her snow day to watch a movie with her ailing mother. Yup...well that's just the kind of girl I am. *Smirk*

So, I will end for now...hope everyone has a wonderful afternoon!


Mackenzie said...

Ok Miss. "Okay-so-now-I-have-another-blog" you need to actually put a post on it. that's the idea.

1 blog+1 blog= 2 blogs

1 blog=1 post every two days or more
2 blogs= 2 posts every two days or more


haert2home said...

Yay! How cool that you won the giveaway! I'll bet that put a little fun into your snow day. Can't wait to see what comes in the mail. I hope your mom is feeling better. It warms my heart to know the sacrifices you are willing to make for your ailing parent. I want to be like you when I grow up.