Tuesday, September 28, 2010

When All Of God Singers Go Home...

My heart is breaking...

I just learned that Tony Greene who was a member of the Greenes went home to be with the Lord a little while ago.

I can hardly believe I am writing this I never would have guessed in my wildest dreams I would be posting this blog.

I don't know all the details only that his lung collapse he was in ICU and incautious. He is now in Heaven with no pain at all.

My dad, Carole and myself met Tony and TaRanda and one of their daughter's when I was eighteen years old.

It was a summer afternoon and I couldn't stop thinking about the Greenes being in our area. I couldn't believe they were so close but we couldn't attend the concert.

It was our midweek service that night and even for the Greenes my parents stood their ground and said we needed to go to church. I understood. I did. Honestly! But I was bummed real bummed.

I then came up with the most brilliant idea...

"Dad?" In my most adorable daddy's girl tone I could muster... "Could we just swing by the place they will be at and we could buy a CD at least?? PLEASE???" My dad smiled and said he had already thought about it and then his two very famous words. "We'll see."

All day I wondered if my dad would come home early Carole and I were dressed for church early just in case we were taking a trip to maybe see the Greenes or at least buy a CD. My mom told me not to get my hopes up. (Her famous words) and I tried but it was hard.

My dad pulled up and said "Let's try!" I squealed with glee.

On the way over we almost turned around 'cause the car was acting up but my dad decided to keep going.

I will never forget pulling up to the place and seeing Tony Greene take something off their bus. "Dad it's Tony Greene the real Tony Greene!!" He had a yellow tee shirt on and tan shorts. I was plan giddy with excitement.

By the time we parked Tony was no where to be seen and we were not sure what our next move would be. We then saw a young couple who was related to the owners of the venue and asked us if we were there for the concert. My dad told them our situation and they said "Hold on" They went in and the next thing Carole and I know was that TaRanda Greene was holding the doors open waving us in!

I was in shock. I probably was just staring at her until Carole pulled my arm forward. The next thing we know we are inside and Taranda starts chit chatting away with us telling me how much the CD's were and when I picked the five CDs for twenty dollars she plopped the brand new on on my pile and said you need this one and then she looked at me and smiled "For five dollars!" WOW! Carole then asked about their only daughter at the time Belle she was just over a year. She said "Just a minute!" And went in search for her husband and daughter we then met Tony and Belle. My dad took many pictures and we knew it was almost time to go.

I hated even thing of leaving but then TaRanda put her hand on my shoulder and asked if my sister and I could stay a few more minutes we looked to my dad and he nodded his head. TaRanda brought us to the front and sat us down and then Tony, Brad (A singer who was singing with them at the time) and TaRanda and Belle;) Sand "Living In The Middle Of Love." To just me, Carole and my dad.

We said our goodbyes TaRanda told us we made her day and we went home all the while pressing repeat to "Living In The Middle Of Love." all the way home.

Please, please pray for TaRanda and their sweet little girls, Belle and Josie. His brother Time and his sister Kim Greene Hopper and the rest of their family.

When all of God singers get home...


Jodi said...

Oh! what a sweet memory! Goodbyes are so hard here on earth but Heaven is such a precious comfort... there we will know no Goodbyes -- there we will live in the light of the Lamb for eternity!

Anonymous said...

I thought of you, Ginger, when I first read earlier this afternoon that he was so sick and then tonight when I read he had died. I feel so sorry for TaRanda and the girls.

Oh--and I don't think I'd quite heard this whole story before!! How FUN and what a special memory!!


Jennifer said...

I was so sad to hear of his passing. They said on my local southern gospel music station and i was like no! His brother n law dean hopper called into the station and said that everyone was around him singing his favorite gospel songs and everytime they would sing his heart beat would go up and he held out til his brother got there and a few minutes after he passed. How wonderful to pass into glory with all your loved ones around singing you in!!