Monday, September 27, 2010

A quick post...

Number one: It's finally feeling like fall! YAY! Bring on the sweaters!

Number two: Jeremy finished his sippie cup at church last night and said "All gone" So cute!

Number three: We had a pizza party at school today and lunch special tomorrow two days in the row I won't have have to pack a lunch! YAY!

Number four: Carole and I have been getting into Little House again. Love that show!

Number five: I am so thankful the Lord allowed me to be a teacher.

Number six: Ashleigh, is having another give away! Go check it out!

Number seven: I need all of you to pray for a southern gospel singer. His name is Tony Greene and he sings with the Greenes. This group has been such a special blessing to our family. One day I may blog about the sweet story. But for now he is in ICU and he needs all your prayers and please remember his wife TaRanda and there two little girls Belle and Josie.

Number eight: It's time to go to bed!!


1 comment:

Mrs. H said...

Thought for sure you were going to say "all gone" when you finished your post!