Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What Is A Sister?

Painting By: Sandra Kuck

My sister is my best friend.

I love her more than life.

She knows my heart.

She knows my tears.

We know what the other one is thinking.


The other night we talked while we were in our own beds and in our own separate rooms.

We talked.

And talked.

We laughed.

And laughed.

I didn't care that it was late that I needed to get up in six hours, that my eyes were feeling heavy that we were probably disturbing the neighbors beauty rest with our cackles.

I cherished each moment. Each laugh, each sigh,each funny remark coming from the horsey border bed room. Where a beautiful girl with a diamond on her finger laid in her bed just waiting for my giggles that were muffled by my pillow over her witty remark. Boxes graced her floor filled with memories, cherished memories, photos, snow globes and more.

A pile a books stood near the "good bye" pile that holds just as much memories.

To young suburb "tweens" trying to "fit" in the mountain life. Huddled on a twin bed while the older sister (That would be me) read the China Tate series. Laughing, so hard tears would fall down our face as we acted like it was a secret that we were huddled in Carole's room actually enjoying a book.

As we chit chatted away this night I thought about the boxes, the books, our life and I didn't care what my clock read or how early I needed to get up.

I am cherishing these moments. Our moments.

We only have a few more months to be called "Girls" Carole will be "Mrs." and I will be glad I cherished these moments.

I think the reality is setting in as I make plans for showers and looking into a new laptop to make the most perfect slide show.

My heart.

Oh, my heart slightly weeps as I hold up her train on her wedding dress while she walks down the stairs to show a close friend who was visiting. My heart aches when I see her walls turning bare in her bedroom. My heart rejoices when I breeze by the living room and see Carole and Mark's heads bent reading the word of God.

I will miss my sweet sister next door.

Even though she will be a few minutes away I will still miss her.

Yes, tears are shinning in my eyes as I type this all down.

But it's all good.

I couldn't be happier.

But my heart...my heart...misses her already.


Mrs. H said...

Why do you have such a strong desire to make me cry on a regular basis?! Must my eyes always be in a state of puffiness? Such a beautiful post.

Anonymous said...

Aww, that was a very sweet, very "Ashleigh-ish" post, Ginger!!! ;) I'm glad you're enjoying all these special moments. I vote on piling in the same bed though--the laughter is more contagious when the bed is shaking. ;) LOL (Although it does make it lonely then when you're the only one! I had to find stuffed animals.)

And hey, what happened to the post telling us that Carole found her dream dress?!? Yay!!! :)


rahraht said...

Wow! My thoughts exactly! My younger sister is getting married in 2 weeks. You pretty much nailed how I've been feeling :(

Sophie said...

you are so blessed Ginger to have a sister. ^^