Tuesday, April 17, 2007

In a blink of an eye

I am sure everyone by now has heard about the tragic events at Virginia Tech. It's so sad to imagine all those families suffering for the evil deeds of two men. I wonder how many of those students knew the Lord when their life ended yesterday.

We never know when our life will end. We could die coming home from work in a car wreck or just being at the wrong place at the wrong time like the people who died yesterday. Can you imagine they just thought they were going to yet another day in college. Working their way towards graduation and then starting a new life with a college education.

But those students will never be able to walk down that isle with their cap on their head and tassel in their face. Never will be able to see the glimmering pride in their parents eyes. Never be able to marry their boyfriend or girlfriend. Or never even be able to meet someone that special.That girl who dreamed of having children one day and had a journal full of names that she one day hoped to choose from to name her child will never have that chance. That boy who dreamt about playing for the NFL will never have that opportunity.

All these dreams are now only dreams. They will never be able to be a reality because two angry men crushed them and killed the dreamers.

I wonder this though, these innocent people who were caught in the line of fire when they gasped their last breath did they know for sure where they were going? Did they asked Jesus into their heart at one point during their life? Were they ready to see Him in eternity? I sure hope so. You see, like we see from yesterday's episode you never know when your last day on this earth will be. If you have never trusted in Jesus Christ to be your Lord and personal Savior don't wait another day do it now.

You may ask why? I am a good person. Being good is not enough you need Jesus to come live in your heart and become your Lord. We are all sinners and without Jesus we are headed to the pits of Hell. You may say I will wait until I get older until I retire until...until when? Do you think those people those thirty something people had a chance in those frighting last moments of their life to surrender to the Almighty God I hope so, but I doubt it strongly.

Jesus is waiting. Surrender to Him now.Ask Jesus to come into your life and to forgive you from your sins. It doesn't have to be fancy or long. Just mean it and believe it in your heart that Jesus died on the cross for your sins and three days later he arose from the grave.And one day and I believe soon he's coming again.

Life is too short,trust in God!

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