Monday, April 23, 2007

Tackle Football (Don't try this at home)

Wow, first things first. Last week I was complaining about all the snow on the ground.This week it's beautiful! I have been enjoying high temperature's in the seventies and eighties. How wonderful! I love wearing my summer clothing and flip flops!

The last couple of days I have been doing something I normally never would do lol...I have been playing Tackle Football. (Ouch!) Okay, so I am not the most athletic girl around.But my younger brother (Who is taller than I am) asked me if I could be on my sister's team because she was not enough of a "Challenge" for him. I'm not sure what he thought I could do but after the fiftieth
time he explained how the game was played. I sort of got the hang of it to my brothers dismay.

At one point my sister gave me the ball and my brother knocked me on the ground. When he did that my sneaker whacked him in the stomach! Oops! Then he said to me "Ginger the object of the game is for me not to get the ball from your team member. When I go after her you go after me,knock me to the ground, push me,do anything so I won't get the ball." Apparently he didn't like me flapping my arms and saying "No, no get away!" lol....Hey, I didn't say I was Tom Brady!

So, I took his advice when they said "GO!" He was just about to get the ball when I kicked him to the ground. My sister got a touch down while my brother hoped around the grass saying... "I didn't say kick Ginger!" Kick" was not in my speech!" Once again "Oops!"

Surprisingly they want to play again today. So, I guess they haven't got their fill of falling on the ground getting grass stains and cuts and for my poor brother getting sneaker prints on his stomach. Have I already said "Oops!"

When you get a craving for tackle football take my advice.
1. Wear a helmet
2. Wear knee and elbow pads
3. Just forget the football and go inside and watch a nice movie!

Enjoy the wonderful weather!

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