Thursday, April 26, 2007

What shall I write?

Sometimes I can't decide what to write in my "blog" which ends up with me not writing anything for days. So, I decided I would just write a whole blog about absolutely nothing. So here I go....

1. Why is Elmo red?

2. Why do people have to wear shoes? (Not that I disagree I love shoes!!)

3. Why would some one say "much obliged" and not "Thank you"?

4. How come someone walked on the moon but not the sun? lol....I am not stupid, I know that answer!

5. Why do people act like little things are the end of the world?

Are you getting bored yet?? Okay good I'll go

6. Why are "Twinkies" called "Twinkies?

7. Why do people eat cream filled gook in the first place?

8. How in the world can people like yard work?

9. Can someone be as much as a pain as Nellie Olsen from Little House and the Prairie?

Are you falling asleep yet? Okay I will stop. Maybe I will actually have something worth writing in my next blog.

And yes there is a such thing as a stupid question...I just named nine! lol...

1 comment:

haert2home said...

What is this? A little Hostess hatin'? Twinkies are cream-filled gook, you say? These chemical, oops, cream ridden sponge cakes were the Breakfast of Champions all through High School. And look how well I turned out! Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get to 7-11 to buy my sour pickle and Cola Slurpee.