Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Thumper,laptops and boredom

I was awakened by a lamp that was on my nightstand when I went to sleep but was suspiciously on my head when I woke up! Thumper, my cat is the sweetest thing but he is every bit a kitten in so many ways! It never fails. Every morning he wakes me up by sticking his two back legs in my eyes while he sticks his whole head in the blinds to look out the window. I like the outdoors as much as the next guy but something about waking up at an ungodly hour to look at the sunset is just hogwash! lol...I agree with a Christian comedian that once said. "If God wanted me to see the sunrise he would have put it in the middle of the day!" Back to the lamp. For some odd reason Thumper wanted the nightstand to himself so he knocked the lamp over on me and my Cd's on the ground. Yeah, I woke up real happy!

Next on my agenda, I want a laptop! If I don't write in this blog everyday it's because I have to share this computer and I might not have a chance. Although if I had a laptop it would be my very own and I wouldn't have to share!LOL...of course I would still share. Why am I rambling about a laptop 'cause Thumper woke me up at an un godly hour remember? I didn't get my full nine hours of sleep! I am slap happy or bored. Either one would fit fine.

Okay that's enough...I need to sign off...If you have a laptop enjoy it while you cuddle with your cat.

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