Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fashion problem...

You should have seen me it was like watching a ping pong match.

I finally decided enouugh of sitting at my laptop doing my morning checking on emails, facebook, etc  I needed to get ready for the day. Shopping is in order and I wanted an outfit I would be comfortable in.

However, the open window in my room was giving me mix messages. The thermomter reads 80 but the cool breeze swooping in the cracked open window brings me to the relization that Fall is just around the corner.

I couldn't decide do I go in my Summer drawer or Fall? I went in my summer got dressed and stood in the middle of my room "I am cold." So I went over to my fall darwer and changed went down stairs and my mom was sitting in the middle of the nursery getting Jeremy ready. "Hon, you will be hot in that."

I am going mad this time in the year always gives me a headache I never know how to dress with this strange weather.

Do you have 4 seasons where you live?

Do you know what I'm talking about?

Please tell me how you deal with it without packing an extra outfit in your purse!


Anonymous said...

Hey Ginger!! What I tend to do when the temperature won't make up its mind is layer. If it is in the upper 70s, I'll wear shorts and a t-shirt, but layer a thin 3/4 sleeved or long sleeved cardigan on top, in case it's actually chillier than I think it is, or for going into cold buildings. If it's in the lower 70s and under, I would exchange the shorts for jeans.

Also, if you're going shopping for clothes, wearing a v-neck or scoopneck tee with a modest tank top underneath adds another layer of warmth, or you can take off the tee and wear the cardi over the tank top. Plus, if you're trying on clothes, you want a shirt that won't mess up your hair, or makeup. I know for me it taking off a crew necked tee and trying on clothes stunk cause my hair would get all frizzy and fluffy, like I had just got out of bed! A loose necked shirt helps a lot, plus the tank underneath would help when trying on dresses or other pretty blouses.

Hope this helped! I'll keep thinking of other ways to combat the temperature :)


Jessica said...

Usually we have 2 seasons here... FREEZING cold, or BURNING hot!! LOL!! We'll get a couple weeks of nice weather during the year. But like right now it's in the high 90s, and it's soooo hot. The worst part is the humidity. Of course, I don't want to complain... I LOVE where we live. But I definitely have no problem as what to wear. It's definitely HOT! :) Usually I wear jean skirts and short sleeves year round, I just wear a coat outside in the winter. Since usually indoors is always a comfortable temperature, I don't like to wear big sweaters and such. But occasionally I do like a nice soft sweater. :)