Sunday, August 7, 2011

What have I been doing?

.....Well.....I guess it's not been blogging. :(

I have been working....working...working very hard in organizing my two bedrooms and my two classrooms. I tell ya this summer has flew by and it's almost over. :(

I am glad though that my bedrooms are looking quite nice. I will show pictures once I am all finished with the fun decorating and of course rummaging through old memories, foolish little toys and once it's all complete then and only then pictures will be posted. :)

My classrooms are also looking nice. I am getting excited over the fact school is coming soon I  mean I always miss my summer but I also look forward to coming back to school. :)

Lets see what else is going on please continue to pray for my daddy. He is feeling better but he still needs prayer for his recovery.



Tomorrow will mark two tears since my baby brother was born. I can't believe my Jeremy will be 2!!! I just love that boy!!

Okay, I am sorry about my lack of posting....again...I will try better I PROMISE!

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