Friday, July 8, 2011

Heart Melting Stuff

I was overwhelmed over the bloggers who "stopped" by my latest post and expressed how happy they were that I was not closing down Pieces Of My Heart. I had to smile at each comment and I knew in my heart I did the right thing.

How could I close a piece of my life?

My blog has become so close to me over the years and I am so thankful of the community of bloggers that have welcomed me in with open arms.

My summer days have been mostly relaxing. I have been working on Carole's room turning it into mine I had recently traveled with a friend of mine for a July 4th celebration. I am planing a surprise for my almost two year old brother and I am also planing on going to a circus with the family sometime soon.

I have thankfully been doing quite well with Carole not being in the next room. We see each other all the time and it's almost like when she lived at our house except for the little fact that she doesn't.

We also went to a parade this past weekend and really enjoyed the whole 4th of July weekend!

So...I thought to end this post with a.......

Jeremy picture!!!

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