Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Award...or awards....

I have been given three awards in the past two months, but I am afraid as much as I have appreciated them, I took the easy way out and posted the awards on my side bar, never having announced them on my blog. I am afraid I have just been too preoccupied with life. I don't however want to seem ungrateful because every time I get an award or even a simple comment it makes me want to write more...post more...blog more. I am encouraged and uplifted by each of you. This isn't just a bloggie world, it's a place where you can make life lasting bloggie friendships which I have done with a few of you and who knows, I might make some more in this new year.

So after that drawn out explanation, let's get down to the good stuff.

Steph presented me with two awards....

Thank you Steph!! I am going to present two of my bloggie friends with this award.

Danielle (Who is going to have her baby soon and very soon)

Jessica (Who's due around the same time as my mommy)

This is the other award Steph gave me and the two bloggie buddies that get presented with this award are...


Morgan Denise

And it's very fitting that Morgan Denise was presented with that last award because I just found out today that she presented me with this lovely award. So with this one I am only honoring one person and that person is....

Julie: The reason why I am only nominating one this time, is because I wanted to make a "big deal" over this blogger. Julie found me over at my blog only a month or so after I started. I was actually quite honored to see an "adult" who really enjoyed my blog and said she was coming back over. And she kept her promise. She came by often, laughed at my foolish posts "Amened" my serious ones and always let me know she was praying for me or that I made her smile. Well, I know she still lurks over here from time to time and I still visit her when I have a chance. I really felt like giving a beautiful award to a beautiful person.

Phew.....I am done. All this nominating stuff has made me hungry!


Sis. Julie said...

Oh Ginger...I'm gonna cry!!! I came over here from Jessica's blog to read what you said about my sweet daughter-in-law and found that you gave this award to me as well. You said some very sweet things about me and I am honored that you would consider me for this award.

I do enjoy your blog and I do come by when you post something new. I just am not as faithful to leave comments as I used to.

I'm thankful that you enjoy my blog and receive a blessing from it. And when I say something about your posts I mean it. If I say I will pray for you...I will pray for you!! In fact I do!!

You are a beautiful young lady inside and out and I'm thankful for how the Lord has been and continues to bless you. I love you and appreciate you very much!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Ginger - that is so sweet of you! I feel so undeserving since I've been a little absent in the blogging world lately, but I really really appreciate it!

Congratulations on your new baby sister or brother - how exciting!! =)

Anonymous said...

Aw, thanks, Ginger!!! You're so sweet!