Monday, January 5, 2009

Vacation is over.

Yes my friends, I am afraid that Christmas vacation had ceased to exist and school has once again come back into existence. I am excited. I miss my little students and can't wait to hear about their Christmas adventures. I just can't fathom how fast it went in some respects and in others it feels like I have been gone from school for ages.

I have been sick for the last few days. I have had a fever and just haven't felt real good. I am feeling somewhat better today and am hoping and praying I will feel a hundred percent better tomorrow (My first day back in school).

Like I mentioned yesterday, my darling little nephew has been born! I can't wait to hold that sweet little boy. I have been able to see some pictures and he looks just like Patrick when he was a new born. It's hard to believe I was sixteen years old when my first little nephew came into this world. Yikes!

Lord willing, we are planing on going down to see all our family and friends this weekend for our late Christmas celebration. We had to cancel going down there last week due to the weather. It was our first time ever having to cancel our Christmas "tour" with our family and friends. We make the rounds when we are down for Christmas, going from house, to house, to house having Christmas all over again. But now it gives us something to look forward to, this weekend after my first week back in school.

In baby news my mom is feeling good. She does feel sick to her stomach an awful lot and just this morning her leg has been giving her trouble. She looked it up and apparently it's normal. Even though she never had this pain with any of her other children.

Well, I should sign off for now. It's about time I started packing my school bag and thinking about what to wear tomorrow. School is back in session!!:)

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God's Been Good said...


Your blog was such an encouragement to me! May the Lord bless you this year as you serve Him!