Friday, January 23, 2009

A real post?? Can it be??

Yes, bloggie people, it can be and it is...a true, real life, real post from no one other than little ole Pieces Of My Heart author, me.:) I am afraid I went back to the days before Christmas break where my blog sat on the back burner and just waited for me to turn on the dial so the kettle could get hot and I would have a nice steaming cup of blog. I am afraid the water got mighty cold for a while except for a couple of my cheated postings, I have written so little. My intent was not to get back in that ole habit, but as we know, it happens to the best of us. So here I am with my semi hot cup of an apology. Please take this luke warm mug and find it in your heart to forgive little ole me.

Now that we got that taken care of I can bare my heart out. First things first. I need to give a gigantic huge cyber space THANK YOU to my sweet friend Mackenzie for the beautiful design she did to this blog. Isn't it beautiful???? It was such an awesome surprise when I came home from school yesterday and found it! Those of you who are new to this blog, those sweet children on my header are my pride and joy. The boys are my nephews and that sweet baby girl is my niece. The two other stunning children are not children any more. Carole is my sister and Aaron is my brother and I think that just about sums my title right up. Pieces of my heart, yup, family means a lot to me!!

And speaking of family......on Sunday afternoon we are having a family reunion.:) It's my Aunt's birthday and the only thing she has requested for a gift was to have her whole family together. So...yup another trip down to my grandmother's. YAY!! Love when that happens. We are leaving tomorrow morning and I will ask all of you to pray for a safe trip and a good time once we are there. We are also going to be picking up my sister Carole. I am not sure if I mentioned this or not but, Carole has been down there for two weeks!!!!! She has been babysitting our little niece. She brought her school work and she has been having a blast. Although, I must admit I miss her a lot!!:)

Next on the agenda.... once upon a time I was real savy with this thing called "a blog" I then started finding more things on my plate and then there came a point when I only picked up my fork and pressed published and left the blog design to Mackenzie and the rest up in the air until I had time to tweak different things on this nook of mine. However, I have noticed this called followers on a lot of my bloggie friends blogs and I even have a follower, I found out. So the reason why I didn't add this new fangled feature was because I was afraid I would have no followers and I would look like a girl who has neglected her blog and nobody cares to check it anymore.:) And so I wasn't going to add it, however I thought with my new look and actually posting I should do something different today. So I am going to add this feature. So do you wanna follow me??? It may be fun???:) So I will add that hopefully when I am done writing this post.:)

Well, I guess it is time for me to stop this rambling once again. I appreciate each one of you who faithfully comment or even who don't comment but faithfully reads my blog. Even if I need a lesson or two on keeping up with my little corner on the net.:) Hopefully I will have plenty of pictures to show of this weekend!!


Amber said...

hey there! I do love your new blog layout..very simple and pretty!

Anonymous said...

Aw, the new look is so cute!!!! I like it!!

(And nice to see a "real post" from you! :) lol I finally decided that I was just going to stop saying that one day I'd post a "real post". LOL)

Have fun at your family reunion!!


Oh, and I don't "follow" anybody's blogs, so don't be insulted if you don't see my name. ;) I actually don't know how it all works, so if I ever decide to figure it out I'll be sure and add you!! :)