Saturday, July 12, 2008

Meet Alyvia Elizabeth.

I love this picture Devyn doesn't look all that happy about his Aunt Ginger holding another baby.
Devyn and Alyvia sitting on the couch together. He was so proud holding her. It was adorable. Patrick was home sick with his mom so maybe I will have some pictures of him meeting Alyvia another day.

A gift from God is all I can think as my eyes take in these precious pictures. I can't believe my first niece is finally here! My family couldn't travel this weekend my dad caught what I had last week. Although, as you can see I was still able to meet my niece last night.


Anonymous said...

What an adorable gorgeous baby!!! I loooove that top picture!! She looks so little and sweet! It makes me anxious for my next niece/nephew to arrive! :) I'm glad you finally got to see her!!


Tiffany said...

I love the photos of the two babies together! What a precious gift from God.

Aunt Carole said...

She has to be like the best looking baby out there. I can't wait to hold her. maybe this week. thats what we are planing. Ahhh she is tooo cute. Kiss Kiss
Luv U,

Mackenzie said...


Enough said.

Stepheny Weaver said...

How adorable she is! I miss being able to hold a baby! (as my youngest sister is 3!) I'll just have to keep praying!

Congratulations again!