Monday, July 14, 2008

Yes, saying I am busy is an understatement.

I have been trying to blog all week, but as you can see, I failed miserably. Besides working all week, babysitting my nephews on Friday night, going home for about eight hours yesterday, and then coming back here, arriving at one thirty in the morning, I haven't had the time to think, let alone blog.

Pieces Of My Heart is never far from my mind. There was a time that I hardly was not on my little nook on the web, and now I find it a challenge just to be able to check and read some of my favorite blogs. I can't promise that I am going to get any better on updating a lot more frequently this summer, but hopefully I will get back in the swing of things this school year.

I don't think I will ever forget this summer. It's been such a huge change in some ways. I miss home, I miss my family, and just the feeling of home. However, it's fun working in the summer. It's fun getting some extra cash and trying to figure out how I am going to spend it. I am really enjoying working with my older sister. We share so many laughs in one day.

I have fallen in love with all the children there. I have also grown a real appreciation for the weekends.*Smile* Daycare has proven to me to be a real tiring experience. I mean you get everything, throwing up children on your lap (and then catching it Friday night while babysitting your nephews) Stopping a two year old from putting a little girl in a head lock. Hearing so much whining you start whining yourself.

It's also rewarding when a two month old stops crying as soon as I hold her. A five year old wants me to help him with a puzzle. A four year old says Ginger in such a way my heart wants to melt.

I have also enjoyed spending time with my two nephews and my niece.:) Even though I haven't seen Alyvia in over a week:(

I have also tried my first Lobster last week at my sister's house. LOL...that was quite the experience!! That poor lobster. One minute Devyn's patting it, the next minute it's in boiling water, dead. Next it's on my plate, staring at me...Scary, I say, very But it turned it out tasting pretty good.

Well, I should end for now and consider falling asleep, because believe it or not, it's Monday again tomorrow!! Oh...oh one more thing. For some reason the date is off on here, and it says it's the 14th, but it's really the twentieth, and in eight days it's my 21st birthday!!! Oh, and yesterday was my dad's. Happy birthday Daddy!! Until next time...


Tiffany said...

Ginger I am so glad to hear your update! I've been missing you around blogspot. I am so glad that you are enjoying yourself even if it is very tiring at times. Keep us posted when you can.

Anonymous said...

Yay! A new post from Ginger!!! :) It sounds like you're staying really busy! I'm glad you're liking your job!!