Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Worst Blogger Award!

Yes I just nominated myself for the worst blogger award! I honestly tried to blog two times this past weekend but never ended up being able to finish them. Instead of "Pieces Of My Heart" I should change my title to "Excuses Of My Heart"

Well, tomorrow is the big day. The day I turn the big 21!! My older sister, Leslie, brought me up to my house. So I was able to spend my birthday weekend with my family. This is so weird, not being able to spend my birthday with my family. But I was able to open my gifts and have a cake my mom made one of my favorite meals, tacos, for dinner. So yesterday really did feel like it was my birthday even though it wasn't.

Besides work, I really have no clue how I am going to spend my birthday I guess this is a part of growing up. Depressing, I know!! I am glad I will be able to be with Mimi on my birthday. That is a plus!

I have a post forming in my head that really will be coming from my heart. But I need to be a little more awake to write it. But keep your eyes open because I would like all my bloggers and visitors and on lookers and who ever else, to read this post.

I was able to see a family group called the Keffers sing tonight. I have seen them many times as a child and it was nice to hear them again. I was able to talk to the wife of one of the singers and hold her youngest baby boy! He was adorable and put his arms right out to me. Sigh...what a cutie!

I hate to once again keep my posting short, but I really need to head to bed before I fall asleep on the keys.


Megan said...

Happy Birthday Ginger! I hope it's a great one for you!!

Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday Ginger!!!

Mackenzie said...

*Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Haaappy biirrrthdaay to Giiiingeeeer!
Happy birthday to YOOOOOOUUUUUU!!!*

Anonymous said...

happy birthday! And make sure you do something fun - for you - on your special day!!

Stepheny Weaver said...

Happy Birthday Ginger! I hope you have a good day! man, 21! What a special day for a special friend!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Ginger!!! Hope it's been a good one!!!